Rain Man – Leonore Fleischer

Rain Man – Leonore Fleischer

on 1989 This book is based on the screenplay for the movie Rain Man starting Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise. Reading this book I noticed, not for the first time, that books and movies are different and need different approaches. The book shows how Charlie Babbitt learns to deal with his autistic older brother, Raymond. […]

Winter Be My Shield – Jo Spurrier

Winter Be My Shield – Jo Spurrier

Winter Be My Shield (Children of the Black Sun, #1) by Jo Spurrier Published by Harper Collins on January 6th 2012 Pages: 464 Goodreads A complex, adult epic fantasy from a new Australian author … original, dramatic, unputdownable … Sierra has a despised and forbidden gift — she raises power from the suffering of others. […]

Eichmann: The Savage Truth – Comer Clarke

Two days ago was the 9th November. It was the 81st anniversary of Kristallnacht or the Night of Shattered Glass. Today is Remembrance Day, a time when we celebrate the end of WWI. It seems fitting to talk about a book showing us the evil that was Adolf Eichmann. Kristallnacht was government sanctioned violence against […]

St. Patrick’s Gargoyle – Katherine Kurtz

St. Patrick’s Gargoyle – Katherine Kurtz

St. Patrick’s Gargoyle by Katherine Kurtz Published by Ace Hardcover on February 1st 2001 Pages: 240 Goodreads As the millennium draws to a close, the gargoyles who guard the ancient buildings of Dublin come together to face an evil that threatens all they hold dear. This story of an eternal enemy is by the bestselling […]

LA Public Library 2019

I promised the LA Public Library and so here we are. Lots more photos than normal because it was awesome. I had to take this photo. Not for the atmospheric effect of the sun but because the metalwork was so beautiful. I had heard of these Short Story Dispensers but never seen one in reality. […]

The Last Book Store LA 2019

I was positive this would be my last travel post and next week I’d move back to talking about individual books. I made the mistake of looking at my photos for LA and discovered there are far, far too many for one article. LA is an amazing place. Don’t ignore La Brea Tar Pit, make […]

Washington 2019

Washington DC is such an amazing place. You can spend weeks there just visiting museums. Last time we visited there it was the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King’s historic speech. We didn’t realise until later that day otherwise we would have been with the masses. This time it was only a couple of months […]

Virginia 2019

Visiting a nephew in Virginia and the family took us to a library. I think it’s the John Musante Porter Memorial Branch. If you’re ever there you should go in have a wander. I got very excited and had fun. Saw this drop off place in the carpark. I’ve never seen a drop off place […]

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