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Friday Photos


Found this on my computer.


Found this Cole’s Happy Puzzles book on my computer. Does anyone remember it? I recall wandering through the Cole’s Funny Picture Book on many, many occasions.

I know there’s little relationship between Cole’s books and this one I’m directing you towards but it looks absolutely fascinating. It’s a history of underwear, I don’t expect anyone to buy it but if you do I’ll be expecting a bit of commission and hoping you’ll come back and tell us all about it.


Bill Wannan is a legend in Australian folklore. He’s documented so much and his books are just a delight to own…he’s only published 50 of them. What I don’t understand is why he doesn’t have a Wikipedia page of his own.


Apologies for the poor picture but taking a photo of my phone screen with my iPad produces sub-quality results.

Isaac Asimov

This is the first in a series of articles showing authors by alphabet. There’s a reason I’ve chosen Isaac Asimov and it escapes me at present. As I’ve already written much about Asimov I’ll mostly give you photos of books I have or books I feel you should buy with some links so you can buy (and then I get a percentage of the sale but don’t let that sway you into buying).

Asimov and Anne

In this one I’m sneaking in a bit of Anne McCaffrey as her name begins with ‘A’.


This is entirely Asimov, there’s more Asimov books behind this. We have about 160 cm of Asimov books, he is entertaining.


Would You Believe is one of a series of books he wrote for children about science. It is currently on my desk and available for sale.


Another in a series of books he wrote about science. I don’t have this book any more and can’t find it for sale.

Something I found interesting was a book by Eric Asimov who turns out to be Isaac Asimov’s nephew. Nothing to do with science or science fiction unless you think wine is scientific. I’ve chosen the cheapest book by him to link to, just have a look as it’s fascinating. How to Love Wine: A Memoir and Manifesto.

News that isn’t

I’m running a little late on my own personal timeline today as I’ve started and abandoned several different ideas for this blog. Instead of any of those I’m looking around the web to see what’s news or not.

Mills & Boon is going a little feminist. While I don’t give two hoots as M&B will do what they do and sell heaps of books doing it I did find the comments rather amusing. Some thought(less or ful) person has imagine the scene at the editor’s office and some man just wants more romance…so much for romance being only for women.

Pottermore news. Rowling is working on a new book and surprise, surprise, she even drinks occasionally! She’s also going to be publishing a 1,700 Potterverse short story on Pottermore for Halloween.

Adobe addresses privacy concerns. Apparently readers information was being transmitted back to Adobe in clear, unencrypted text and this is now being fixed. I don’t think they’ve addressed the need for the data and whether it’s being deleted once collated but one step at a time.

Harlequin is now a class action. Things move very slowly in the law-type world. Some authors are sueing Harlequin for unpaid royalties, this started two years ago and it has finally moved one step forward and has been described as a class action. Does this mean anything? Don’t know as I’m not versed in lawyer-speak. Will this move the lawsuit any faster? Probably not.

I really, really want one of these, I’ve even subscribed to updates in the hopes I’ll be able to afford an early edition. I really miss typing on a manual typewriter and I suspect I’ll never be able to use one again as my touch is so light now I’m sure the keys would never hit the paper so this is the best of both worlds with connectivity and a tactile keyboard. 

For those young people who’ve never used a manual typewriter. I was never terribly good and only got good once I moved to an electric typewriter and even better once I made the transition to a computer, you need strong fingers to strike the keys quickly on a manual as it’s the strength of your strike that move the hammers to hit the paper through the ribbon and the stronger your strike the clearer your typing becomes, if you don’t strike it strongly enough it’s likely the hammer won’t connect at all but the carriage moves on one space anyway. Carriage? Hammer? That’s an article for another day.

Mondayitis – Dreaming Spring

Drink, gentle stranger, and welcome.

All of evil will beware.

This is the text on my plaque, all who know me know the meaning behind the words.

Three people and two animals came to me in need one day, they were stout of heart and good souls, when they drank they slept and dreamt waking only to see the young Kin in trouble. One of the people helped the young Kin while those evil people drank of me. They will stay with me forever, never changing and never speaking again.

The young people were impulsive but of good heart they drank from me again and dreamed of their families finding strength in the knowledge given them. The Kin then travelled with them to Dread Mountain. They had cleverly taken some of me in a flask and drinking of me again they used the knowledge they had gained to overcome the toad and retrieve the gem. How they do this is within the pages of the book and best read by someone of calibre.

Deltora Quest 5: Dread Mountain by Emily Rodda

Deltora Quest 5: Dread Mountain by Emily Rodda

Ed: You can buy this book here, anything you buy using this link gives me commission and satisfaction as Emily Rodda is a good author.

Books @ Armageddon


Kimberley Clark and Lauren Dawes were promoting their new books. There’s a bit of paranormal romance in here.

Nullus Anxietas

So, I’ve got my banana, my air guitar and the Master’s Robes behind me, although I’m meant to be promoting our Discworld stuff.

Pratchetts at Dymocks

Dymocks from the CBD had a lovely stall, I somehow managed to take a photo of the Terry Pratchetts, I’m not certain how.

Steven Ward

Steven Ward has two books on the market. Chorus of the Dead is available from Lulu but Kingdom of Tears isn’t available for sale…yet, I bought a copy while I was there.

What more photos?

Just because I interrupted myself on Thursday I’m giving you some lovely photos today. I’m hoping people will come along and identify themselves because some of these people I have no idea.

2014-10-19 14.16.59

These people are advertising a Zombie Apocalypse tonight, you might remember the typo I vaguely mentioned the other day.

2014-10-19 17.33.48

Here’s the guy who kept photobombing. I gave in and got a photo just for him, he made noises at me which sounded as if he approved.


Gumby!!!! But you knew that.

Sooty and Sweep

Sooty and Sweep. I’m in love! These clever costumes aren’t costumes but are actually life size puppets.

2014-10-19 16.48.40

I have no idea, I was too creeped out by this guy to ask. He insisted on tilting his head to one side making things even more creepy.

2014-10-19 14.30.20

Even her eyes were black! That’s dedication for you. What I found bizarre is that she came by later on without her black eyes and I didn’t recognise her.

You haven’t heard the last of me…or my photos. Stay tuned for one last blast on Monday before we head back to Mondayitis and my regularly abnormal posting schedule.

Tolkien @ Armageddon

I can see what you’re thinking but you’re wrong. Yes, there was a TARDIS at Armageddon (actually two of them) but she didn’t bring Tolkien (worse luck, I could just see myself totally freaking out by meeting Tolkien). What really happened is that I was confronted by the Lady Galadriel who kindly, nay, eagerly, brought back her compatriots for a photo session just for me. I was gobsmacked to say the least but managed to pull myself together to take a photo especially for my readers.

Lord of the Rings

These colourful characters caught my eye…possibly even both of them. I was quite surprised when Radagast not only recognised my hat, knew my hat but also had a female voice!

Lady Galadriel

The Lady Galadriel really needed to be in a photo all on her own. Isn’t she luminous (sigh)?

These exciting personalities were so good they got on stage and I’m going to let them speak for themselves in their own video.

ABB link-up: Elements of a good book review

Today’s Blog Hop is about book reviewing and what makes a good one. I have two thoughts here and so I’ll do my normal and ramble while I talk about both of them. The first thought is ‘what do I know about a good review’ and the second is ‘how apt’.

What do I know about a good review?

I don’t feel I know much about it, I don’t talk about reviewing but more scribbling a few words. Let me tell you what I know from reading what other people have written and also rereading some of my own words over the years. I have been writing this blog for over five years I must have learned something in the interim.

You need to tell people about the book, you can do this by either typing out the description from the back of the book or summarising the plot but be careful of spoilers, many people won’t read a book once they’ve had too many spoilers. It’s challenging summarising the book giving just enough of the plot without any spoilers.

Some people examine the themes of the book. Themes? Sometimes there is a lesson in the text whether it be ‘wars are hell’ or ‘don’t hit people’ or something rather less simplistic. Some authors such as Lionel Shriver are very big on explaining challenging concepts and making us think about them, if you’re only going to see the surface stuff then there’s little point reviewing a book such as that. The themes are often what helps society to figure out what’s important and makes us discuss things.

If you point out anything negative try to do so in a constructive manner. Never forget that there is a person at the other end and I’m not necessarily thinking about the reader but the author. Authors must go through a special type of hell when putting their works out into the wilds of readership and if their reviewers are negative without writing anything constructive then it must hurt.

Don’t do what I’ve done on occasion and focus on the typos. They are the bane of my life and while I try not to mention them while talking about a book I find they do change how I feel about it. Typos are something an author can spend weeks ensuring they get rid of all of and then someone else will find more.

I try to talk about the writing and whether I find it good or not. This is rather subjective as what one person finds good another will think terrible. Also, more subjective stuff, I find romance kills a good book for me while others either wouldn’t notice or would feel it improves a book.

There is a whole heap more that could be said about reviewing but I’m going to move onto my second thought.

How apt?

This week the book world is reeling. We’re trying to understand how an author could have been so upset with a one-star review on Good Reads that she would feel the need to stalk a reviewer, find her home and her workplace and then brag about the whole experience on The Guardian.

I don’t think that writing a good review with constructive comments would have changed the author’s activities at all, the way I read this and previous articles by the same author indicates she is rather in need of therapy (and I have concerns even by voicing this so far away from the field of action).

So, I’m participating in a new book blackout in conjunction with many other book bloggers. I will not be reviewing or mentioning newly released books until Monday 27th October, if anyone even suggests a new release to me it will be rejected.

I haven’t read the book in question and I won’t, partly as it has romance and I don’t cope well with romance but also I don’t want to give the author the satisfaction. I’ve read an enormous amount about the situation from many people and thanks to BookThingo I’ve managed to read many of the original tweets and also part of the exchange on Good Reads that sparked it off. It makes me wonder if the author is the author of this book or if she outsourced it and then never bothered reading it. Apparently people liked her writing before this book but then they read this book (no, I’m not checking to find out which book it is) and didn’t like it at all. Also, the reviews mention a rape but the author constantly says it wasn’t rape – it was statutory rape as the person was under 18 and that’s the statutory age in that state.

This article is part of a Book Bloggers Australia Blog Hop. You can read the originating article on Debbish’s blog.

Armageddon Super Heroes!

Just a few super heroes for you today. I didn’t take the time to write down who they were, I’ll put the photos up on a cosplay forum and see what eventuates, maybe someone will come and comment for me. The attention to detail almost has me in tears, I have such admiration.

The Joker

The Joker and Poison Ivy

Wonder Woman

Woman Woman! A very healthy looking Wonder Woman, even better!

Captain America

Captain America and someone I can’t identify but the costume is gorgeous.


Catwoman and something else awesome!

Captain Patch-it

I’m going to insert Captain Patch-it in the super heroes post. He’s the first really original cosplay I’ve seen or heard of. I was on the Melbourne Cosplay Community forum on Facebook when he floated the idea of being someone who helps others with their failing costumes. I can’t remember my contribution but it’s still exciting. There are now Patch-it-teers around the world all helping people out when their costumes need a little patching.

Doctor Who @ Armageddon 2014

Doctor Who was a very big theme at Armageddon this year, it might have something to do with Jenna Coleman being there as a speaker etc. There are some very inventive people doing costumes out there.

Dalek Dress

This lady in her Dalek costume had those shoes with wheely things underneath so she could have movements like a Dalek.

Group photo

Just to illustrate the number of people doing Doctor Who. It’s been photobombed by a ringin.


You can order your very own K-9. Photobombed again.


The Pandorica!

TARDIS and Doctor

Easy to see these people love the Doctor.


This is one of the people in my Melbourne Cosplay Community group on Facebook. I knew she’d be there and was determined to take a photo, next time I’ll endeavour to get the lighting right.

TARDIS tea light

I loved the light on top, it was so simple but worked so well.


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