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It's the silly season when people aren't paying as much attention to their driving as they should. Practice defensive driving everywhere you go and be as safe as possible.

We have a winner!

We have a winner for the 2015 Australia Day Blog Hop – think Australian competition.

While I didn’t get a lot of entries compared with some of the other blogs I was quite happy with both the number of people who entered and also the qualities of the entries. Thank you to all who participated.

I printed out each entry with multiple entries being printed multiple times, cut each one out to roughly the same size and threw them at whichever child happened to be here at the time. The DD only caught one so we didn’t need to go through the whole process again. The winner is:


Well done, I hope you enjoy the book! Commiserations to those who didn’t win. If you won with one of the other 40+ blogs entering in this Blog Hop I’d love if you could tell me what you’ve won and where from here.

Mondayitis – Axle

Something is about to happen, I can feel it. Soon. Soon.

The wind is getting worse. Something’s out there. Have to go find out what. Sniff butts!

Yeah, it’s a wind. And here’s the rain. Should be home, Tori will worry…those humans worry so much. But…sniff butts!

Oooh, this wind is getting much stronger…maybe it will play with me.

Getting a little too strong, should probably go back the human might be worrying.

Back now, the human did worry. Lots of cuddles and food! Should go away more often, coming back is good.

Wild Wind by Emily Forrestal

Wild Wind by Emily Forrestal

Ed: You know those days when it just won’t work? That’s this Mondayitis, I am wondering if this is the last I’ll do. My classes start next week and I’m uncertain if I’ll have the time to devote to Mondayitis so I may not be blogging on a Tuesday again. ‘Cos you’ll never guess what day my classes are. Yes, Tuesday!!! I start at 9am and finish at 4:30pm and as I often work on the weekend I won’t have time to do Mondayitis then. Fabulous Fun!

This book is available through Angus & Robertson as an ebook, it’s much better than this Mondayitis. There’s a cyclone, danger and people stopping dog fighting.

Copyright Week?

Apparently it’s Copyright Week, I read this on an email that came through four days ago and I haven’t read until today, in which many people are supporting more reasonable copyright laws. I’m assuming it’s the current week but it’s challenging to tell as many of the articles I’ve found have no date on them. I don’t understand why people would do that i.e. publish an article talking about a particular day or week and not tell us the parameters of that day or week, it’s a bit like talking about Australia Day when it’s really new and not telling us the date. Actually, that’s a great idea, why not change the date of Australia Day and not tell anyone the date so we have to celebrate every day of the year…we could celebrate something different about Australia each day in order to try and get it right.

Cory Doctorow is currently pushing to end DRM an awesome task and one that will help us in Australia. We currently have issues with DRM (Digital Rights Management) whereby the book or video is available in the northern hemisphere but not here as we have different DRM, there can be ways around it but the best way is to loosen up the laws to enable us to have access to the same books and videos as our friends or colleagues in the northern hemisphere.

You can read the Principles and more information here on the Copyright Week page. It’s supported by some amazing organisations including Creative Commons and the Australian Digital Alliance.

I’m not saying we should totally get rid of copyright laws, what would be the point of that? It would mean I could take a book by my favourite author and republish it under my own name without changing a thing, that’d be wrong, right? I’m in favour of having uniform copyright laws across the world so if I make a movie in one part of the world it’s not breaching copyright laws somewhere else. Take Mickey Mouse for instance, they managed to extend the copyright laws in the US from 50 years to 75 years which is fine as it makes the company lots of money but this is only in the US so you could easily make a Mickey Mouse movie in Russia without getting official permission but would it be allowed to be viewed in the US? So, you need official permission in the US but not in Russia? Bizarre, but yes. And if I understand this correctly, this is not for all of Mickey Mouse but just for their earliest movies.

Anyway, there was a similar problem which I’ve mentioned before with ebooks. Many people had 1984 deleted from their ereaders as the publisher suddenly discovered there was a problem with the copyright laws so the readers thought they owned the book but discovered they didn’t. And that’s another thing out of the many things I don’t understand, we buy a print book and we own it but we buy an ebook and we don’t own it, the publisher can delete it from our ereaders any time they choose. If we don’t own it then have we really bought it?

So, there’s my thoughts you can discuss or not as you choose.

2015 Australia Day Blog Hop – think Australian

In honour of Australia Day 2015 and in commemoration of the anniversary of World War I I’m participating in the Australia Day Book Giveaway Blog Hop hosted by Shelleyrae of BOOK’D OUT.

I have a lightly read uncorrected bound proof of Steve Sailah’s A Fatal Tide to give away to a resident in Australia. It’s a well-written book and I’ve written a few words about it here.

A Fatal Tide by Steve Sailah

A Fatal Tide by Steve Sailah

To enter comment below giving your favourite World War I Australian author and the book you recommend everyone read. For extra entries visit the I Like Books Facebook page or even Tweet. Competition will close at midnight Tuesday 27th January 2015. The winner will be chosen at random by me throwing names written on pieces of paper at my kids, the one they catch is the winner. It is only open to residents of Australia. Entrants must be present somewhere.
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Friday Photos


Ignore the purple underneath as that’s another book but look at the ‘Five Parts…’. Yes, it was returned to the publisher.


I’m guessing English is not their first language.


According to Wikitionary this an old and defunct spelling of ‘hour’ and comes from the French so why is it at my local petrol station?


Dymocks, 234 Collins Street, Melbourne. Yes, they’re cool.


J is for Sagan Jeffries

I’m fudging things just a little here. Sagan Jeffries is the pseudonym of Ed Lukowich, Curling Champion from Canada. Lukowich has written several books about the art of Curling. Why art? It doesn’t feel like sport to me but more of an art form as you have to sweep the ice to ensure the rock gets to precisely the right place without touching it with your broom. It’s up there with gymnastics or synchronised swimming, more of an art form than a sport. Beautiful to watch. You can get a good idea of Curling by watching Men with Brooms, an hilarious film with Curling as the centrepiece.

As Sagan Jeffries he’s also written one book, yes, a WHOLE book, in the science fiction genre. I didn’t say he’s terribly important in science fiction but as a Curling Champion he’s one of the people who brought Curling to my attention and that’s pretty big as I’m not into sport at all. If I was forced to take up a sport then it’d be Curling.

Back to the science fiction book. The Trillionist is a reasonably new book only being published in 2013 so he’s got plenty of time to go to write more. You can buy it at Booktopia. From what I’ve read about it the book sounds like a cross between science fiction and self discovery. I’ll be pleased to read it one day.

The Trillionist by Sagan Jeffries

Arrggghhh, what to write!

Today has been a struggle to find something to write about. I have ideas for articles but need to leave them to fester in my brain a bit and also do some research, I have to find a male science fiction author for tomorrow starting with J but that’ll be easy and I have photos for Friday, today is the issue. It’s not entirely because I’m struggling for a topic but also I have issues with my digestive system today and I’d sit down at the computer again and almost immediately have to run off to the bathroom, it makes it challenging to keep any thoughts straight and get back into the spirit of my research. Instead, I’ve found a few useful things I need to file away for the future or things of vague interest.

Apparently the 18th January was Winnie the Pooh day. Lost in a Good Book tells me this. Who am I to argue with a statement such as this. I’ll be filing this information for another year when I might actually write about Winnie the Pooh or A. A. Milne.

On this Not Always Learning we find that you shouldn’t bet with a teacher. On the other hand, the student was the one to suggest dressing in a dress and I’ve known male teenagers who’d take any opportunity to wear a dress.

Here There Be Books discusses adult characters in Diana Wynne Jones books.

While Aussie Owned and Read talks about Marketing You, Your Writing, and Your Books. This could be a useful article for later on when I’m looking at publishing…assuming I’m good enough. It’s also a useful article for anyone who’s actually at that point.

Mondayitis – Ajax


Meat, smells of human.

Fond of human, eat meat…

More meat, eat meat…

Still hunting…

More meat, follow meat.

Sniff strange rock. Smell of human. Meat inside, follow meat. Rock closes.

Meat appears at odd intervals, smelling of human not my human.

Long time in closed rock. Sometimes it opens, try to run but put back in rock. Not sure why rock moves.

More long time in rock. My human comes, opens rock, lets me out.

We go, find her little dogs, we go back to territory. All is good, can hunt again.

The Golden Wolf by Mary Elwyn Patchett

The Golden Wolf by Mary Elwyn Patchett

Authors I’ve met

Someone once asked me about authors I’ve met, it was a long time ago and I’ve since met more with some of them being brand new authors. These three stand out (I am going to link to some books from Booktopia here as I would like to make enough money to pay for my web hosting, or at the very least my domain name):

Anne McCaffrey

I met her back in the 1980s in Myer. I’m sure I’ve written about this before. Dad was in a bad way and trying to make him feel better when I saw McCaffrey signing books I stopped, bought two books and had her sign them both. Dad never told me what he thought, he really was in a bad way. My memory tells me McCaffrey was standing up behind a podium and there was no queue, a far cry from any more recent signings I’ve seen where the queue is much longer.

Books I recommend by her…any of her Dragonrider of Pern books and any in The Rowan series. Here’s Damia and The Rowan. Dragonsinger is one of my favourite as it shows how you can improve given the right conditions.

Terry Pratchett

You probably all know I’ve met Pratchett through the Australian Discworld Convention. I greeted him as he walked into the hotel in 2007 for the first convention and then inadvertently had breakfast with him for the third convention. My brain went stupid and I said some really silly stuff as always happens when I meet a luminary. If you’ve never read Pratchett I recommend you start with Hogfather, it’s an accessible entry into Discworld. I also suggest you look at the Good Omens page which doesn’t appear to list Pratchett as the author under the description despite him being a bigger author than Neil Gaiman.

Trudi Canavan

Can’t remember now if I’m sworn to secrecy as it was a few years ago. I was privileged to be able to sell Canavan some magazines. I’ve heard she’s a very good author and one day I’ll actually read her works but for the moment I’ll send you to the first book in the Millenium Rule series, Thief’s Magic.

Friday Photos


Robber Crabs or Coconut Crabs. These are in the Seashell Museum in the Bunurong Environment Centre. That is a real coconut underneath. They’re mentioned in Peter Duck by Arthur Ransome which you can buy at Booktopia. Yes, I endorse the reading of this book!


This is a random gate in the Desal Plant Eco Centre. It was just so, so hard to get through the gate.

Local books library

Local History book display in the Inverloch Library. We spent a bit of time there checking our email.

Rosella Wilsons Prom

A lovely Crimson Rosella I saw at the shops at Wilson’s Prom. It wouldn’t turn to face me.

shopping centre

A nice display at the local shopping centre. The bricks have names on them so you can wander through and get some idea of the people who were living in the area at the time they were produced.


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