Change is in the wind

It feels time for an update. The photo is of my Read Pile. It started a few years ago when I found I wasn’t reviewing books or magazines as I finished them. This may or may not have coincided with me studying VCE. I’m not game to admit to anything of that nature at this […]

Around the traps…part something

Something I used to do in the dim, dark past i.e. before I started studying at university, was to write an occasional article about what was happening in the book industry. I’ve had a couple of interesting things come across my desk recently so I’m going to share some of those with you today. 2020 […]


This virus has everyone in a tizzy. People around the world are going into self-isolation or mandatory isolation. What we’ve seen in China and Italy has been awe inspiring. China seemed to do everything they could to limit people’s exposure to the virus, they built two new hospitals and closed as many industries as they […]

Deep breath – ten years!

Hello and hello! In all the fun and games to do with the Seventh Australian Discworld Convention a week and a half ago, followed by the upheaval of Passover I completely forgot to write for my blog. I shouldn’t have forgotten, Monday this week was the tenth anniversary of me starting my writing journey. I […]

Writing Reviews

I’ve picked up a book that at over 900 pages might possibly keep me going for a few weeks. It is dense reading with many short stories and some critical articles about those short stories. The first few pages are about Writing About Fiction. As I was reading those pages last night I found myself […]

New Year, New Something…

I write this just prior to going to bed. I’m not planning on staying up to see the new year in, it’s not something I see relevant to me in 2018. I might regret this decision in 2019 but my body is telling me I’m tired and I’m going to listen…as soon as I’ve scribbled […]

On writing and publishing

I’ve been a little slack with writing over the last few months. I’m part of a writing group and we meet online every two weeks to catch up and discuss each other’s writing. When I say ‘discuss’ I really mean ‘pull it apart and give each other ideas on how to make it better’. I […]