Whinge Day

I have this creeping suspicion that I’m over-committed. More over-committed than I should be. It’s leading to me dropping the ball some days. The most recent time was my blog for Wednesday. This week has been rather interesting. We launched the website for Nullus Anxietas 7: The Australian Discworld Convention. This meant a lot of […]

Second year uni

As at the time of writing I am that close to finalising the last couple of assignments to complete second year uni it’s not funny.  One assignment I just need to make it look pretty and then submit. I should just bite the bullet and do it so I can call that one finished. The […]

Gaming the system

You understand I’m not totally up-to-date with the news. What I’m going to cover actually took place earlier this year. Gaming the system is not new, it’s happened in many different industries. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. Years ago I heard The Bee Gees did this same thing to get a very early […]

Fairy Tales

Things have changed but fairy tales used to be our first stories. The first stories we heard and then read. Here I briefly mention how they’ve morphed over time and how they used to be much more gory with the object lesson being easy enough to spot.  The Brothers Grimm changed them making them more palatable for people to […]

Review page

Something I’ve been thinking about for some time is communicating to authors about how they should approach me (or other book bloggers) about reading their book. We’ve had much discussion on our Book Blogger page and so I’ve put fingers to keyboard with a bit of a rant. I’ve published it as a page so that it’s […]

Getting your book out there

There’s so much on the web about getting your book out there and getting reviews which should, logically, get more readers. And that somehow brings me to Facebook. Actually, not just Facebook, but also Twitter, Litsy, Instagram and a whole raft of other social media options. There are more social media options than I have books in […]

Things, just things

Last night was an interesting evening. I’m a member of several websites to do with freelancing. I rarely look at them and never click through the links on their emails. Last night was different and I did exactly that. I know, I know, never click on a link but I trust this website…or at least I trusted them […]

I want to give new authors a chance

I want to give new authors a chance, I really do but you’ve got to meet me halfway and have a decent book to give me. If there are too many problems I’m likely to spit the dummy and send you an email listing some of the problems I’ve noticed with a recommendation to get […]

There’s more to publishing than just writing

I’ve been pondering the vast leap in numbers of published authors now that many companies make it so easy to publish your own manuscripts and just wondering what that does to the market. I heard some numbers the other day and I forget the exact digits but my memory tells me it was something like 50 new […]

I have discovered…

This is another of those rants where I totally lose my cool, if you could read my mind you’d be thrown across the room in shock at the number of swear words. I’ve been back at uni for a week and a couple of days. The first day I wasn’t enthused but got my mojo back […]