Oz Comic Con!!!!

Not enough exclamation marks for my liking today. Looking at me I’m sure I look cool, calm and collected but this weekend is Oz Comic Con and I’m going, not only that but they’ve been kind enough to give me media accreditation.

So, just because I can and because I have permission and all that kind of stuff I’m putting in their logo!

It’s going to be all sorts of fun and games this weekend. The guest list includes a number of writerly type people and I promise not to haunt them too much but I will be looking at them critically with a ‘you’re a writer, drop at their feet and bow’ type of eye.

I will bring my usual photos of stalls and books throughout the weekend on Instagram and then later on Twitter, Facebook and then a round up with various photos and squees here on the blog for the next week or two until I run out. So, watch out for the hashtag #OzComicCon

One of my good readers here sent me some notes as to the writerly type of presentations happening over the weekend and I’ll endeavour to get to some of those and report back on how they went.

I know John Barrowman will be there but as I’m only small fry I really don’t expect to even see him except from a distance. Bearing in mind my propensity to lose my mind, and become a dribbling mess whenever I come across a luminary, I suspect that if I did actually meet him my mouth would open, my mind would disappear and all sorts of rubbish would come out.

I will finish my Author by Alphabet at the same time as I really don’t like leaving a series in the middle.