T is for Tangea Tansley

I’m getting up to the interesting letters of the alphabet and just to illustrate that point I find the most interesting name with a fascinating history. She’s only had a handful of books published but this one has just gone on my GoodReads Want To Read list.

It seems Tansley’s had an interesting life, I reckon she has my Grandma’s itchy feet. About 20 years ago she sat down and wrote a list of addresses she’d lived in, there were 60! You can read her biography for yourselves, it makes for dizzying reading and she’s only put in the highlights.

Then there’s her family. You’ve heard of Kozminsky? The jewellery people in Bourke Street, Melbourne? If you haven’t then you should, their stuff is just gorgeous. It turns out Tansley is related and she didn’t know for quite some years and it was only when her sister looked at a book written by Isidore Kozminsky on their shelves that they started putting two and two together. The book pictured is the story of her family and it sounds like a fabulous story. I must read it…