Mondayitis Hyaitus

Welcome to another edition of Mondayitis, it’s not actually Mondayitis today as I’m having a little break from it today. I hope my reasons are good enough.

Sharp eyed viewers will have noticed some changes in the categories on the right hand side. I’ve delisted all the books as they’re all leaving the premises. I took advantage of the Brotherhood of St Laurence’s 1300 donate number and had them pick up 25 boxes of books last Friday, today I took another seven boxes down to a small op shop in Oakleigh and tomorrow I’ll sort out as many as I have time for and take them to one or more unspecified op shops on my way out to pick up some stuff for a market on Saturday. My books have been whittled down and with a little more judicious whittling tomorrow they will be no more.

It’s been an interesting time going through the books. I’ve found I have quite a few books I don’t remember seeing before so I’ve obviously had them a while, some of them are really interesting so they’re being added to my To Be Read pile and then find a new home for it somewhere. I’m really tempted to put a few into BookCrossing just for the fun of it. It does take time and last week I also went into supermarkets and did taste testing for people of this Ginger Ale I’m selling, I only did two supermarkets and it was fun but it takes time.

I still have the part-work magazines and a handful of books or other magazines in related categories.  I’ll continue selling these as I have some passion for them, some people think passion is important in selling.

I still have friends in the pre-loved book business so if you’re looking for something just send me a mail or leave a comment on one of the pages here, I check all comments individually and will be able to pass your request on.

There must be a problem. I finished a book and have started two others but haven’t managed to finish either of them yet. One if the Life of Pi by Yann Martel, this is problematic. Having started it I put it down and on coming back to it later that day I couldn’t remember anything about the book or the introduction or anything so I’ve put it down again and will come back to it in a few days. It looks like I need a break from reading.

Which brings me back to Mondayitis. It’s challenging to write something when I haven’t been able to read and find something to write about. So, here’s looking forward to next week when things may be different! Cheers!