Yet more…

I’ve been talking recently about the problems I’ve had with the discount voucher and other things and how I just couldn’t seem to get them working. Thanks to a wonderful anonymous person in the community on my shopping cart plugin I’ve now got the important codes working and to celebrate you should be able to put mazaltov into the promo code section of Checkout to receive a 15% discount. I’ve extended this until 31st July. I’ve also managed to get the postal charges working and you should now receive a correct quote for the postal charges, well, correct for a given value of correct as I now need to update all the weights on every listing so until I manage to do that you’re likely to get a vast discount on postage. Why not take advantage of this and buy your favourite books?

As you know I’ve been studying too many things at once and have been finding it more than challenging to keep up with everything. Last Tuesday it was midmorning when  I suddenly remembered I hadn’t scheduled Mondayitis, I went on strike with my writing and am going back to normal as of today. I’d just had enough and needed a short break, fortunately or unfortunately depending on your point of view, I now have more books to review and as I’d really like to delve down to the bottom of the piles and find my desk I’m going to review them fairly regularly until I get there. The good news is that I’ve finished all my studying and I’m trying very hard not to pick up anything more for at least two months to give me some time to catch up and find my desk underneath all these books and magazines.

There’s a common theme there and it might have something to do with finding my desk, it’s improved a little this weekend, I now have my scales sitting on an empty part of the desk. Enough of me for today, tomorrow is Mondayitis by someone I consider very special, tune in tomorrow to find out who.