Two talented people have died this week. We’ve lost Jackie Collins and Yoram Gross. Collins wrote romance so I’ll never read them but I’ll pay tribute to her despite that. She was a prolific author and her works were read by many, with eight of her 32 novels being adapted for the screen. She died of cancer […]

Vale Sir Terry Pratchett

Today has been a very sad day with the announcement of the death of Sir Terry Pratchett. I won’t write about his life or his death as so much has been written about him in so many places already. It’s hit me harder than I expected. Tears are very close to the surface and telling […]

Vale Robin Williams

Robin Williams was one of our most-loved performers, he was versatile and has managed to turn his hand (voice?) to so many different types of movies. He first came to my notice in the late ’70s with Mork and Mindy where he played an alien with some insightful thoughts on humans. After a while of playing […]

News, or olds, from the web

Shakespeare is an interesting phenomena, played throughout the world in so many different languages, studied in so many different schools but do we ever get the real plays? Linguist David Crystal and his actor son, Ben, tell us we lose so much by hearing/reading Shakespearian plays in modern accents. Go here to watch how the words […]

Vale Nelson Mandela

Today I’m foregoing Friday Photos as it seems wrong to write something so trivial on the same day of the death of someone who has had such a profound impact on the world. Nelson Mandela’s name will forever be on the lips of those who believe in freedom and equality. He was born in 1919, […]

Doris Lessing, vale

Doris Lessing was born in 1919 in Persia (later became Iran) and died on the 17th November 2013, her writing will be missed but from my reading of her life I suspect some of her family won’t miss her. She was married twice, the second marriage was to Gottfried Lessing in 1945, a marriage that […]

Around the internet

I’m starting off this thought with vale to Nick Cardy. Comic book illustrator Cardy died on the 3rd of November at the grand young age of 93. He was closely identified with Aquaman and the first iteration of Teen Titans. He will be missed. Condolences go to the family and friends. While we’re talking illustrators […]

Vale: Sharpe and Williams

That could almost be the name of a book or a TV series, it’s got a really good ring to it but unfortunately I’m talking about the death of two famous people. Tom Sharpe was a British satirical novelist who managed to be deported from South Africa in 1961 for writing anti-apartheid plays. He was […]

Vale: Jack Vance

Jack Vance was one of the forerunners of modern science fiction, helping Michael Moorcock define the characteristic ambience of Science Fantasy and influencing many of the best writers in the science fiction/fantasy fields. Writers such as Jack L Chalker, Avram Davidson and Ursula K Le Guin, Michael Moorcock, George R. R. Martin and Gene Wolfe among many others. Vance […]


Everyone dies, a fact we seem to forget from time to time and for some that time is far too soon but others have lead a good life or given a lot to the world and have made it to a good age.  This week has seen the passing of some extraordinary people. Jerry Nelson […]