Cogitations about uni

One thing I’m really grateful about with uni is that they write every important thing down for us. Every single date, time, piece of information about assignments and lots more besides. It then becomes out task to get it right, read everything and make sure we get things in on time. Sure we get reminders in […]

What’s your style?

The thing about doing a uni degree such as mine is that it gives you the chance to experiment with writing styles and to find where you’re most comfortable and where your skills really lie. They give you the chance to write in many different types and as of this trimester I’m going for it […]

If you see my brain please send it home

As you know I had good intentions of being really organised and using technology to its fullest extent to help me study for uni. And I’m sure you’ve read my rant about technology letting me down because the files were actually images despite telling me they were pdf. It meant that instead of starting the […]

There’s more to publishing than just writing

I’ve been pondering the vast leap in numbers of published authors now that many companies make it so easy to publish your own manuscripts and just wondering what that does to the market. I heard some numbers the other day and I forget the exact digits but my memory tells me it was something like 50 new […]

I have discovered…

This is another of those rants where I totally lose my cool, if you could read my mind you’d be thrown across the room in shock at the number of swear words. I’ve been back at uni for a week and a couple of days. The first day I wasn’t enthused but got my mojo back […]

Trimester 2

I feel like I’m pregnant again with all this talk of trimester 1, 2 and 3, and it could feel a bit like childbirth in 2019 when I finish and have a qualification but it’s just uni jargon and I need to wrap my head around so many new concepts so what’s one more in the general scheme […]

Final thoughts on Trimester 1

Thank you to everyone for your patience while I dropped off the face of the earth for a few days. There were a number of things I didn’t do over the past few days and I’m just realising what some of them where. I will continue apologising to family and friends in person. Ok. So […]

Almost there…

I promised myself I wasn’t going to write anything more about uni until after the trimester but I’m wanting to have something scheduled so it publishes Monday morning without me having to worry about it, i.e. I’m writing these words on Sunday night. I’m tired and my brain is full, my teachers have filled it up […]

Slight update on Uni

With my last class being Thursday next week and five assignments due in between now and Monday week I sort of have a few things to do. If need be I will ditch all social media for the duration and that includes my blog. I’ll catch up on any Author by Alphabet I’ve missed in June, bearing in mind […]