Punctuation is a wondrous invention. It helps with so many things…well, actually, it really only helps with reading and meaning, but I’d just like to exaggerate for a little. I’m always trying to improve my use of punctuation as I do like to ensure my meaning gets across to the reader in the correct manner. […]

Short stories

Many, many moons ago, when I was much younger than the age I profess to be, my family were having a conversation about the shortest story in the world. Now I’m not able to comment on the validity of this but the shortest story we came up with was “And the sun sank slowly in […]

Jody Lynn Nye

I have been avoiding getting swept up by the whole Twitter thing until today. I noticed it was Jody Lynn Nye’s birthday on the 5th July and decided she would be a really good person to write about. She’s been a co-author with a number of my favourite authors such as Anne McCaffrey and Robert […]