Famous Detective Stories: True Tales of Australian Crime

Famous Detective Stories: True Tales of Australian Crime by Amelia Hartney Published by NLA Publishing Pages: 177 Goodreads From the notorious Louisa Collins in 1880s NSW, who murdered two husbands with rat poison, to a blazing shoot-out featuring prominent underworld figure Antonio Martini at Taronga Zoo in the 1940s, this book features stories of true […]

X is for Xanthé Mallett

I’m stretching a point here as I really can’t find a female Australian author with a surname beginning with X. I’ve tried and friends have tried and Xanthé is the best we can come up with. And just to push the point I’m breaking my unwritten rule of using the surname as reference. Xanthé is a forensic anthropologist […]

Angels of Death – Emily Webb

Angels of Death: Disturbing real-life cases of nurses and doctors who kill. Yes, this is exactly what it says and it’s what the doctor ordered…now, after that corny line I’m continuing with some real phrases. Sent to me by the author and I’m very grateful as I’ve only recently gotten into true crime. It’s good […]