Are you Missing?

I’ve often wondered how you’d know if you were one of the Missing. You might think the project has petered off and will no longer be finished, I can understand how you might think that, I mean, with Terry Pratchett gone don’t all projects stop? He’s gone we no longer have a reason for living or doing the things that we did when he was around?

Stuff and nonsense. When someone dies you mourn and move on. When someone famous dies and you mourn by playing/reading/doing the things that made them famous. In the case of Trollbridge nothing has changed (I lie, the group involved in bringing this little movie to fruition has grown), the movie will be finished and we’ll be able to see it in all its glory.

If you backed Trollbridge back in the day and have heard nothing for a while it’s for some strange reason. The Trollbridge team have tried and will continue to try to find you. Give them a hand, go to The Missing page and using modern technology email Deb, start with ‘Hello!’

Maybe they should send out Angua.

Film: Money Monster

Trigger warnings

Before I go any further. There’s violence in this film.

Yes, a film review because I know so much about movies that I can review them…sarcasm mode completely kicked in…but onto the movie! I’ll lose the sarcasm mode while I scribble some words that could possibly be construed as praise.

All hail Jodie Foster!

I can’t recall when I first remember seeing Foster, I know I saw her as a child actor and she was definitely a familiar face in Silence of the Lambs, I suspect this was her first ‘grown up’ movie I’d seen her in and the only one I haven’t liked has been Contact but that might have something to do with how it was adapted from the book. With this movie she’s moving into a totally different era of her career and I think it’s going to be really, really good.

What the movie is about

Financial TV host Lee Gates (George Clooney) and his producer Patty Fenn (Julia Roberts) are put in an extreme situation when an irate investor (Jack O’Connell playing Kyle Budwell) takes over their studio.

Yes, a totally extreme situation. Budwell walks in with two boxes, puts them down on the set during filming, puts Gates at gunpoint and makes him put on a suicide vest. He insists the cameras remain on at all times so that everything is broadcast worldwide.

What the movie is really about

The world of finance and how some people wheel and deal without thought to the consequences for small investors. Their only thought is for their financial reward.


Just one. We’re treated to the idea that Gates is a bimbo but with the ability to perform well on camera. That he doesn’t actually think about consequences of what he’s doing until he’s forced to because he has both a gun and a suicide vest. But even then, Patty is the one pulling the strings and keeping him focussed and in line.

This is illustrated in a cute way when a producer gets hold of a tube of a viagra type cream which is supposed to work really well. Gates asks him why he hasn’t tried it yet and makes him do so. When the producer rings him back with confirmation that it works he’s told to put it away and get back to work. Yes, that goes really well. Gates hasn’t thought through the consequences of the cream. It’s a nice example of how empty headed he really is. There are many examples throughout the film of how Patty is really in charge and he’s just the show man.


He opens his show with a song and dance. He’s wearing a lovely, gold, sparkly top hat which would make a wonderful cosplay item for Moist von Lipwig from Making Money by Terry Pratchett.

There you go, how to get a reference to Pratchett into an article about a totally unrelated movie. But I really want that hat.

Plot holes and stuff

Yes, there are some but I’m not going to reference them here. I will quote the last line of the movie as it’s very funny.

Patty Fenn: [final line] So what the hell kind of show are we going to do next week?

Terry Pratchett

Going Postal by Terry Pratchett

Going Postal by Terry Pratchett

It was inevitable you’d get some Terry Pratchett thoughts today, Saturday was the first anniversary of his death and we have all been very sad. The Victorian Discworld Klatch community commemorated the day with a few craft activities in Treasury Gardens on Saturday, it was a quiet time but we all enjoyed it and just reminisced as one does on such occasions.

This article is not an exposé of the plot nor some thoughts about the book pictured as I’ve already done that back in November last year but more of a few random thoughts before I take the book off my desk and put it away.

If you look at the photo I’ve included here you’ll see the gold clothes that were made for him. I managed to pick up a goldish suit at the op shop one day, not quite bright enough but good enough for the present. My DD made me a hat which was meant to be just for one day but has become iconic and I’m currently planning the boots. For at least one day I’ll be totally decked out in gold, oo-er.

The Klatch is going well, every month we have some sort of function and they’re getting to be well attended. I took the opportunity to bring out some things and attempt some chain maille. We’ve proved it possible but we need some more appropriate metal links, possibly even making our own, we also need more equipment and to encourage people to bring their own equipment to ensure more than one person can make chain maille at any one time.

Pratchett books succeed in calming me down and therefore lowering my blood pressure, I should recommend them to my doctor.

I have a lot of Pratchett books and one day I’ll actually sit down to reread his first book The Carpet People twice. Once to read how he first wrote it when he was 17 and once to read how he rewrote it when he was 43, much older and more practiced at writing. It could be a useful exercise for any hopeful author to see the changes. I’ll share my thoughts, promise.

Friday Photos

Pratchett at Elwood

Why do you think I’m obsessed with Terry Pratchett? I don’t understand that thought you’re having…

Setting up

The book guy at Elwood Primary School Market was thrilled to the back teeth when I took photos of his stock while he was setting up. He happily told the next person who came to talk to him he’d be on the internet. He’s got a good selection of books and is quite approachable. As he’s in the hall you’ll find him there every market. Elwood Primary runs their market the first Saturday morning of the month during term time.

Title Book shop

I was doing a demo in Brunswick this week, walking to get ice I found this book shop. Called Title you can find them in Fitzroy, Brunswick, two locations in Sydney and also one in Brisbane. They always have a lovely display.

Happy Birthday Sir Pterry

Yesterday was Sir Terry Pratchett’s birthday. This year he is 65 and we celebrate every year he is still alive and compos. I thought it  would be appropriate to take a few minutes to dwell on what Pterry means to me.


Pratchett has written about 40 books about Discworld, some with assistance and many without. They are all really good books but some are better than others. He is so good at writing about people that it doesn’t matter whether they are written as Dwarves, Trolls, Werewolves or Humans it is possible to recognise them as people I know.

He has written about issues such as slavery and genocide, couching them within the framework of a universe we know and love to make them more palatable and easier to understand.


People think so much of his books and want to get together to talk about his books and speculate on what he’ll do next – I’d say that’s called a convention. They are SO much fun. Imagine finding yourself in a hotel room at a stupid hour of 8am on a Saturday morning finding like-minded people. They’re dressed in weird clothes but that doesn’t matter as so are you. You could all be dressed as witches, wizards, strumpets, trolls, the Librarian or even Moist von Lipwig.

Craft type stuff

I’ve never considered myself to have any great skills with crafty stuff but I’ve found myself making stuff anyway. For the first Nullus Anxietas I joined in the craft making and we made dragons, driving down to Geelong for the day to do papier mache and talk. I, again, found myself doing crafty type stuff for the second Nullus Anxietas but we were able to use a room in a nearby congregation and leave everything sitting drying until the next time we were able to get together. I don’t have photos of these things but for NAIV I still have most of my props for my costume and this is a photo.

My props


There’s all sorts of things there: a photo book so I can sell things to the unwary; 1,000 year old eggs, the one in the top right hand corner is a troll egg; sausages inna bun and; meat pies. I only did two types of sausages inna bun – ratwurst and frank-n-furters. The meat pies have undisclosed meat and have tomato sauce on top in the shape of Australia. Yes, I had fun!


I can’t count the number of friends I’ve made thanks to Pratchett. It all started back in 2005 when I saw a post on a newsgroup mentioning the first Australian convention and that they still needed more committee members. I thought that looked like fun and I was trying to push myself out of my comfort zone so I sent an email and a few months later I went to a meeting where I didn’t know a soul, let alone a person. Somehow I managed to stay and have made so many friends around Australia. Whenever I go to a convention I get cuddles as there’s always someone I know. I trawl Facebook and see Discworld friends at every turn. There’s always a friendly face and conversation somewhere. Twitter is similar, as is Google+.

Sir Terry Pratchett

You really don’t know what you started when I found your books. You have expanded my brain, my knowledge, my skills and my friendship base and I’ve only met you very briefly a couple of times. For all of the above I can only thank you and wish you a very happy birthday…for yesterday.