Are you Missing?

I’ve often wondered how you’d know if you were one of the Missing. You might think the project has petered off and will no longer be finished, I can understand how you might think that, I mean, with Terry Pratchett gone don’t all projects stop? He’s gone we no longer have a reason for living or doing the […]

Film: Money Monster

Trigger warnings Before I go any further. There’s violence in this film. Yes, a film review because I know so much about movies that I can review them…sarcasm mode completely kicked in…but onto the movie! I’ll lose the sarcasm mode while I scribble some words that could possibly be construed as praise. All hail Jodie Foster! I […]

Terry Pratchett

It was inevitable you’d get some Terry Pratchett thoughts today, Saturday was the first anniversary of his death and we have all been very sad. The Victorian Discworld Klatch community commemorated the day with a few craft activities in Treasury Gardens on Saturday, it was a quiet time but we all enjoyed it and just reminisced as one […]

Happy Birthday Sir Pterry

Yesterday was Sir Terry Pratchett’s birthday. This year he is 65 and we celebrate every year he is still alive and compos. I thought it  would be appropriate to take a few minutes to dwell on what Pterry means to me. Books Pratchett has written about 40 books about Discworld, some with assistance and many […]

Snuff by Terry Pratchett

Thanks to the kids for borrowing this fabulous book from the library! They talk about authors writing better as they age and there’s been discussion about Agatha Christie and how her writing became a little less great as she aged and probably acquired Alzheimers or some other form of dementia. They talk about writers’ becoming […]

I knew where to go

I’b been there before and knew exactly where to go so please tell me why I didn’t go straight up the stairs as soon as I got through the doors. As I was going up the stairs the adrenalin started as I recalled the last time I was at the Sebel. It was called the […]

Flash Mob!

Yesterday I was part of a flash mob.  It wasn’t a large mob but it was fun and I’m exhausted.  We were advertising the Fourth Australian Discworld Convention, we had our first batch of flyers and were off to advertise! You can find some details of the organising of the flash mob here and more information […]

Men at Arms – Terry Pratchett

I figured there’s just time enough to fit in another Terry Pratchett before the Third Australian Discworld Convention (aka Nullus Anxietas 3 or NA3) starts on Friday. For some lucky people the fun and games start on Thursday as they get together for some stargazing with Sir Pterry but I’m not getting to Sydney until […]

The Bromeliad Trilogy – Terry Pratchett

The Bromeliad Trilogy by Terry Pratchett is also known as Truckers, Diggers and Wings. They are a fabulous little set of books and take a serious look at religion and it’s beginnings. They’re aimed at kids but are readable by any age. Truckers was made into a TV series and I saw that with my […]