Interwebs stuff

As a bit of change of pace I’ve browsed the web and found some interesting articles for you. Bookseller YA book prize goes to feminist dystopia I was interested by this headline and even more intrigued by the article. The book is about girls in boarding school vying for the chance to be chosen by a boy […]

Law Suits

In this increasingly litigious society far too many people are worried about law suits, it seems one can’t say what one feels necessary, even using completely factual information, without worrying about facing a law suit. I am now considering how I can cushion this blog against them and I am one of the least likely to be […]

National Book Bloggers Forum 2014

Today I’m on the way home to Melbourne after a very exciting day spent at Random House in Sydney. It was a wonderful day, I had a blast, made some new friends and thanks to Penguin Random House exceeded my baggage allowance for my flight. This is a photo of my loot.   They did […]

Typo Nazi or Grammar Nazi

I cringe and get thoroughly annoyed whenever someone calls me a Typo Nazi or a Grammar Nazi, I do not feel I am in any way as nasty, horrible and all encompassing as anything the Nazis did. Yes, it’s true, I might upset someone briefly and sometimes they’ll be annoyed or worried for a while […]

Publishing house names

Publishing house names can be an interesting thing. When they first started they were named after the founder and there are some big names in publishing. I’m talking people such as Gollancz, Shuster, Knopf and the ubiquitous many more. There’s been a shift and I’m going to talk about the publishing houses named after birds. […]

Lend Me Thine Ears

Here are just a few things I’ve found on the web recently. Asteroid named after Scottish author Iain Banks The late Iain Banks had some influential fans and this one decided to honour him after his death by naming an asteroid after him. Mills & Boon and Cosmopolitan sign up sizzling bestselling author to kick […]

New player

There’s a new player in the ebook publishing industry. Draft2Digital has thrown down the gauntlet and challenged Smashwords to a duel. Not really but it sounds good. What Draft2Digital actually say is that they fill a hole in the market that Smashwords doesn’t fill. Smashwords is a publisher of ebooks. They are there for the […]


Three things that have come across my computer this week I feel moved enough to talk about. One The Royal Society of Literature enrolls its fellows using a special pen. Traditionally they’ve used a quill once belonging to Charles Dickens but that is beginning to wear after only a century and a half of use […]