On writing and publishing

I’ve been a little slack with writing over the last few months. I’m part of a writing group and we meet online every two weeks to catch up and discuss each other’s writing. When I say ‘discuss’ I really mean ‘pull it apart and give each other ideas on how to make it better’. I […]

Gaming the system

You understand I’m not totally up-to-date with the news. What I’m going to cover actually took place earlier this year. Gaming the system is not new, it’s happened in many different industries. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. Years ago I heard The Bee Gees did this same thing to get a very early […]

Another ebooktailer out of business

I wouldn’t normally write today but by the time I get to it on Friday the website will be gone and if you have books there/are an author there/are a publisher there and you haven’t heard then you’ll be very annoyed. Actually, you’ll be annoyed anyway but I’m putting this here anyway. All Romance eBooks are going out […]

I found some new stuff!

It’s one of those really exciting days when I’m wondering what I’m going to talk about so I click on a link and it opens up a whole new world to me! Here’s the link Pride and Prejudice and Zombies author sued by publisher. I spent a bit of time thinking about this and then clicked on […]

There’s more to publishing than just writing

I’ve been pondering the vast leap in numbers of published authors now that many companies make it so easy to publish your own manuscripts and just wondering what that does to the market. I heard some numbers the other day and I forget the exact digits but my memory tells me it was something like 50 new […]

Around the traps

Supreme Court Rejects Google Books Appeal I find this article a little confusing but that may be just me. I think there have been several court cases, each won by Google with this last one being dropped. This case is about Google scanning in entire libraries of books and making them digitally available and searchable to […]

Book Expo 2015 – final bits

There are a couple of people who don’t fit into any category so they get an article to themselves with a few final words. I was originally attracted by the typewriter, it’s a thing of sheer beauty and such amazing engineering but then I stood and listened to Black tell the story of his book and what’s […]

Book Expo 2015: Publishers

There were several publishers available at the Book Expo. I’ve showcased ASIM before and would have happily done so again but I didn’t think to take photos of them. There was also a shelf display for another publisher but without someone there to talk to I didn’t get around to taking a photo, Australian eBook Publisher might possibly be […]

Book Expo 2015: Support Personnel

As promised here are some words about the support personnel I met at the Book Expo. I suspect I could get entire articles using some of what I’ve written here and each article would only scratch the surface. The lovely people at BookaBuy. Remember when I wrote about Book Clubs? This is what BookaBuy does, I […]