The Stoop

I was made, created by the greatest and the best – Willy Loman. My God, My Creator, I’m a stoop. I’m made of sand brought over from other buildings and I’ve seen a lot over the years. Biff and Happy bringing more sand so Willy could make me better. One day there was a loud noise […]

Mondayitis – Ajax

Hunting… Meat, smells of human. Fond of human, eat meat… More meat, eat meat… Still hunting… More meat, follow meat. Sniff strange rock. Smell of human. Meat inside, follow meat. Rock closes. Meat appears at odd intervals, smelling of human not my human. Long time in closed rock. Sometimes it opens, try to run but […]

Mondayitis – Epithium

An Epithium am I…what? You’ve never heard of me! I should not be surprised, I was hand made by Miss Martha Grimstone’s father, he made compositions to control the weather and used me when playing them. There is only me, I am unique. When Mortimer Grimstone died Martha started playing me in her own way. Ah, Miss […]

Mondayitis – The Ponto

You know, Jack’s a decent kind of guy, I mean, he’s worked wonders with me. I’m brand new, no-one’s ever seen anything like me before and it’s all down to Jack. Jack the Inventor! But even inventors can have problems and school can have lots of problems. George Hamel is one of them. Jack is […]

Mondayitis – The Adventures of Bumbersnoot

by Karen J Carlisle. I never thought I would end up in a girl’s school. It was during a Pickleman attack on the airborne Finishing Academy for Young Ladies of Quality. I plopped down onto the dirigible deck. Luckily one of the students scooped me up and adopted me. Sophronia is an odd sort. She […]

Mondayitis – Algernon

Mr Badger. How I like to see Mr Badger passing me every morning. Mr Badger says ‘Good morning, Alegernon’ every morning and waves his arm at me. He is nice, not many people greet me but he never fails to do so. The day Sir Cecil Smothers-Carruthers had the mirror moved into the hall is […]

Mondayitis – The Walnut Tree

From little things big things grow. I was but a walnut when Lizzie brought me from the country to plant me in London. It will be some time before I do more than sprout a shoot above the ground but when I have grown I will be a force to be reckoned with. Lizzie knows I will be […]

Mondayitis – Bertie

Lewie is so good and I was so bad. I just couldn’t stay still on the bottom of the pyramid until… Those men were bad news, Lewie knew it right from the start. Stopping them wasn’t going to happen it was how Lewie coped that was the issue. Us lambs followed the titbits and ate, they […]

Mondayitis: Miss Amelie

Layla, Queen of Hearts. She touched me deep in the very part of me that still lives and remembers. Losing your mind is hard, sometimes I know who I am and the people who visit and sometimes I don’t. Nell came often, I know her. One day she brought someone else and another day she […]

Mondayitis – Buster

I was tired, just a little, but Ralph so wanted to run and things had never been the same since Dad stopped coming home. Ralph is so young, he even thinks I don’t understand so much but I know what I know. So, we went running. And swimming! Pop and Ralph were always having chats […]