My Brother Jack – George Johnston

by George Johnston I’ve been looking at a lot of iconic books today, this is just one of them. It’s the story of one Melbourne family’s travails through both World War I and World War II through the eyes of David Meredith. Written in 1964, photo I’ve put here has an image by Sidney Nolan, another […]

The Astor Theatre

Yesterday we visited The Astor Theatre in Windsor for what is likely to be the last time. We saw Lawrence of Arabia and while it was a fabulous movie, with stunning scenery and great acting it’s not what’s really important to me today. The Astor was first opened in April 1936. They did some absolutely beautiful […]

Sea of Many Returns – Arnold Zable

As with all of Zable’s books I was moved, not moved to the point of tears but still moved. Sea of Many Returns is a great book about immigration and return from and to Melbourne and Ithaca. This book looks at Xanthe as she goes to Ithaca, the land of her ancestors and retraces their steps, their […]

Maskerade the Play – Terry Pratchett

Saturday night I dragged some family members to Maskerade, a play based on a Terry Pratchett book. Kicking and screaming they were, well screaming with laughter. It’s a tremendously funny play, bringing to life some of the scenes that are harder for the reader to imagine, bringing to life some of the smaller characters that […]

Boyds of Murrumbeena Walk

Last week I talked about the Glen Eira Storytelling Festival 2014 and mentioned the Walking Tour of Murrumbeena with a particular focus on one of our famous artistic families, the Boyds. I did this last Saturday, if you missed it there’s another one this coming Saturday starting at the same place and same time. It’s a […]

The long weekend…

This past weekend was the Queen’s Birthday long weekend. Australian’s are fond of public holidays, we have enough of them, and most of them are set on a Monday or Friday with the odd one being on a Tuesday (but I’m not mentioning Phar Lap or the Melbourne Cup) to enable us to have a […]

It’s Café Scheherazade!

Saturday night, almost five hours after the play finished and my eyes were still sore from crying. I started within moments of the actors coming onstage and stopped while they were handing out cake. It was an awesome play, totally hit the tenor of the book, with seriously good music by some fabulous players and […]

Something Fishy – Shane Maloney

This is another Murray Whelan Thriller. This is book five out of six. In this book Murray Whelan is a Minister in the Victorian Government and his lover shows him a significant ultrasound photo, minutes later she’s dead. This is the story of Whelan and his travails a couple of years later. His son, Red, […]

Sucked In – Shane Maloney

I’ve spoken about The Murray Whelan Thrillers before. They’re a good set of books and they highlight the Melbourne political scene very nicely. In this book Murray is in the Upper House of the Victorian Parliament currently ‘doing the rounds’ having a working lunch with his old mate and mentor, Charlie Talbot, when Charlie drops […]