Verandah Literary and Art Journal 27

Yes, another Verandah. This issue is from 2012. If I understand correctly, Verandah has a new team every year. It is supported by The Deakin School of Communication and Creative Arts. In 2018 some of the team were in my classes. It’s going to be interesting to see where their careers go. The team of […]

Overland Issue 232 Spring 2018

Another Monday another magazine. You’d be right in thinking I haven’t finished that anthology yet, I’m getting there but 900 pages is pretty heavy going. With less than 300 to go I should get there any week and then I’ll scribble a few words about it. Overland has been publishing this magazine since 1954. It’s […]

The Lifted Brow 10th Birthday Issue, 33 March 2017

The Lifted Brow is an impressive magazine. The organisation itself is a non-profit literary publishing organisation based in Melbourne, Australia. They don’t worry too much about the money instead focussing on publishing work from the artistic and/or demographic margins. They’ve been doing this since 2007. It’s full of excellently written articles. Reading through this 10th […]

Spinifex Press Anniversary Catalogue 1991 – 2016

Published by Spinifex Press The first article in my series about the magazines I’ve been reading. I don’t have any remembrance of where or when I got this but I found it really interesting. It’s what it says on the outside. It’s a catalogue of their publications over a 25 year period. As with every […]

Good Reading June 2015

Yes, it’s a magazine. Yes, it’s slightly old. But it’s writing and about books so it’s not out of date. Not like the bottle of Passata I have in my dining room. I don’t quite know how to throw that bottle out, I really need to deal with it. In the meantime I’m going to […]

Famous Detective Stories: True Tales of Australian Crime

Famous Detective Stories: True Tales of Australian Crime by Amelia Hartney Published by NLA Publishing Pages: 177 Goodreads From the notorious Louisa Collins in 1880s NSW, who murdered two husbands with rat poison, to a blazing shoot-out featuring prominent underworld figure Antonio Martini at Taronga Zoo in the 1940s, this book features stories of true […]

Loot from Readings, Carlton

I recently visited Readings in Carlton with some friends. It’s always more exciting going to bookshops with friends. They point out the things that excite them, I find more things that excite me and we get photos. Well, I get photos and then get to be excited about the experience on my blog. Makes me […]

Haunted Zine Launch

You know those times when you neglect to take your own advice? That’s me, today. I tell everyone when they’re blogging to make a schedule and stick to it but today I completely forgot about it and so I’m running slightly late. It’s not the end of the world, but it is rather annoying. Last week I […]

Sticky Institute

Every time I go to class I go past a shop that looks just so exciting with lots of words hanging in the window  just like I’ve seen people hanging their Christmas Cards. The day of my GAT it was open so I popped in and bought something. Wish I’d taken photos on the inside. […]

Smithsonian Magazine

You know, I had two whole paragraphs written and it read like self indulgent rubbish so I’ve just deleted every word and I’m going to write about a magazine I picked up an an op shop a while ago. It’s called the Smithsonian and is published by the Smithsonian Institute in Washington. The Smithsonian had […]