Washington 2019

Washington DC is such an amazing place. You can spend weeks there just visiting museums. Last time we visited there it was the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King’s historic speech. We didn’t realise until later that day otherwise we would have been with the masses. This time it was only a couple of months […]

Virginia 2019

Visiting a nephew in Virginia and the family took us to a library. I think it’s the John Musante Porter Memorial Branch. If you’re ever there you should go in have a wander. I got very excited and had fun. Saw this drop off place in the carpark. I’ve never seen a drop off place […]

Baltimore 2019

Here we are in Baltimore. Staying with family is great. They have small children and a good routine. We didn’t interrupt this routine, instead visited the library with them. They went for story time so we got to join in the fun. And it was fun! It’s been a long time since story time at […]

Friday Photos

Fell in love with this bookmark some years ago when we were in England. What I didn’t notice at the time were the typos. It seems to be translated from the Arabic so I can understand the one at the bottom but the one at the top is a little more challenging. At the bottom […]

Friday Photos

As you know I’m horrified by the 50 Shades phenomenon, the writing is very poor and the BDSM is so wrong (I have this from a BDSM friend who talks about an escape word which does not appear to be evident) so I was not happy seeing this book here. If you look down at the bottom shelf […]

The Library That Moved

One day the Library woke up and decided it needed a bit of a change. It used its mental powers to instruct the librarians and the powers-that-be to build a better library in a better place. Next door seemed like just the place, it was previously an old people’s home and it had many, many […]

Makor Library

I’ve written about libraries before but this one is rather more specialised than most. Makor Library a Jewish library and the focus is on books and other media on Jewish topics. You’ll find books in English, Yiddish and Hebrew. Needless to say, I only read the books in English and here is where I get […]

Who Writes Like – Eastern Regional Libraries

I found this fabulous website a while ago. It’s a part of the Eastern Regional Libraries website and can help you find new authors. Some lovely person has gone to the trouble of writing lists of who writes like who and has presented it here. Here’s an example. Authors like Terry Pratchett Piers Anthony (Fantasy) […]