Lots happening on the web today

If you’re a published author you’ll want to check out Blasty, it’s still in Beta format but as it’s trusted by Google it looks really promising. Basically, once you’ve signed up it works in the background as you can see in this article and notifies you if your book has potential copies floating around the web. […]

Friday Photos

Just driving past and happened to be in a good position to take a photo of Flemington Library…as I was starting to drive off so you’re very lucky to get a decent photo. Sitting at some red lights I looked up and noticed this building was called Shakespeare Terrace. All the hundreds of times I’ve […]

Friday Photos

Can’t remember the name of this town. We stopped here for lunch on the way to Port Fairy. This Public Library is now the Information Centre. I don’t like embarrassing companies when they can’t spell their own company on the package so you can use your own eyes to figure out what it should be. I truly […]

Yass, NSW

An apology for not writing Friday photos last Friday but I went back to bed with a migraine. This is the very last article about my travels to and from Sydney for the Book Expo. My first stop on my way home was a place called Yass, it’s quite a big town with a really good […]

Friday Photos

As you know I’m not above pointing out other people’s typos. It’s not because I’m perfect and have none of my own but more because I can. The Little Library is a free library in Melbourne Central, it’s somewhere on one of the upper floors and I was taken there the day of my English exam. Don’t […]

Friday Photos

Today I’m looking at new borrowing procedures at public libraries. I was at the City Library on Tuesday and found I didn’t need to speak to anyone at all. There were lots of people there but very few staff. The photo is not good so I’ll move onto the next photo. This photo isn’t too […]

Libraries, awesome!

Libraries are awesome, they’ve changed dramatically over the years and this is going to be a few random words thrown together about libraries. Last month I was at Limmud Oz, a weekend of Jewish learning and found myself paying attention to a panel about growing up in Carlton prior to World War II. It was a […]

Yiddish Book Center

One of the day trips during our conference in Boston was to the Yiddish Book Center, as you can imagine that was a must see for me so I dropped everything else and booked myself for this trip. Aaron Lansky is the founder, director and rescuer of a million books in Yiddish, he was the […]


I was reading this story about funding cuts and problems with libraries and it got me thinking about how important libraries really are. If you’re a big reader or you have a small home or even a small income then you can’t possibly buy all the books you want. If you want to branch out […]