The Dalziel Files – Brian Craddock

The Dalziel Files – Brian Craddock

The Dalziel Files by Brian Craddock on 2018 Goodreads One of the reasons I love going to conventions such as Continuum is because you can browse the stalls and talk to authors directly. I try to still my inner fangirl and talk as if I’m not freaking out by talking to an author…sometimes this works. […]

Tales From the Rogue’s Gallery – Peter Haining (editor)

Tales From The Rogues’ Gallery: A Guided Tour by Peter Haining on January 1st 1970 Goodreads I love editors. Whether they’re helping me to make my writing ever so much better than I could have made it by myself, or whether they’re assembling some kick ass short stories into a book is irrelevant. They do some awesome […]

Behind Dark Doors – Susan May

I was very proud to be gifted this by Susan May herself, very proud, I love a good short story and what I didn’t realise was just how good these short stories would be. There are just six in here and each one has a catch I wasn’t really expecting. I read them in Israel, putting […]

Gone: Lies – Michael Grant

This is the third book in the Gone series, I will finally get through them all. In Lies we find out what happened to Brittany, the girl who can’t die, and we find out more details of how hard it is to impose laws. As with the other books I loved the creation and the writing but it […]

Season to Taste or How to Eat Your Husband – Natalie Young

The clues are there in the title and the description but I never thought it would be so blatant. When I finished this book the other night I posted on Facebook wondering how I’d come down from a book like this and I’m still wondering. Here’s the description so you can start from the beginning. […]


Sometimes when I’m struggling to find something to write about I find some absolute gems and today is no exception. I decided to look at the list of birthdays I have for authors, this didn’t look very promising so I started googling the names I didn’t know and up popped some gems. There were some […]

Dexter – take 2 (and call me in the morning)

You know those days when you open your mouth (or put fingers to keyboard) and step right into it getting yourself thoroughly embedded? I had one of those days last week with Dexter. You can read what I wrote and then if you still choose can come back for a little grovelling and some further […]

Dexter Omnibus – Jeff Lindsay

I picked this omnibus up from an op shop a while ago and as it creates a nice hole in my To Be Read Pile I thought I’d give it a go, having read two of the three books without a break I’m now asking myself why. Dexter is not normal and we’re told this […]


I know today is the 1st of November here in Australia but as I write there are other countries in the northern hemisphere who are currently celebrating or commemorating halloween so I choose to write about it today especially as today is now All Saints Day. You can read more than I want to tell […]

Joss Rocks!!!

Yes, I need that many, and more, exclamation marks. I’ve been waiting most of my life for movies that don’t follow the norm. You know what norm is in horror or thriller movies where the hero/heroine survives and often saves someone else while everyone else dies. The hero/heroine is generally an athlete and a scholar […]