Hello, I’m back

As is usual for me I didn’t bother telling people I was going until now when I’m back. We went for a three week sojourn in Germany and surrounds. I’ll share some of our journey with you in due course, this will just be an opening. I have a book to share with you next […]

Magnetic Island

As is our wont we went on holidays a couple of weeks ago telling very few people. I expected to continue some online conversations while we were away, we’d checked and were confident we’d have phone/internet access using our mobile phones. How wrong we were. In our unit there were two spots with connectivity and […]

Friday Photos

We stayed in a cabin at the Big4 Caravan Park while in Port Fairy. No, this isn’t an ad for them just an explanation. They were more geared towards families with young children who don’t mind being in close quarters and with activities for young children complete with pancakes for breakfast on Saturday morning. Apart from […]

Uncorrected Proof

And you thought you’d seen the last of Port Fairy on this blog, ha! We went to two of the three bookshops (the other wasn’t open) and both op shops, my DD saw this book you see in the photo and passed it to me telling me I needed to read it. I’m not sure […]

Port Fairy – Tower Hill

One of the outings we did from Port Fairy was a short drive to Tower Hill. It’s the best place I’ve found to see Emus, they’re to be found all over the place and you have to be careful as they’ll try to pinch your lunch. There’s a trick to getting rid of them and […]

Port Fairy – Art and Craft

As I said the other day, Port Fairy has a vibrant artistic community. It runs the gamut from silk painting to canvas painting to photography to glass blowing to creature making. The photos I have here don’t even begin to cover a fraction of what I’ve mentioned. We’re totally fascinated by glass blowing and as they’re […]

Port Fairy – township

Port Fairy is a lovely little town, it’s not only the home to much art and craft but also has some fascinating history. Around 1828 Captain Wishart anchored in a little bay away from the storm when daybreak came he found himself in the mouth of a little river and called it Port Fairy after his cutter […]

Port Fairy

We did our normal and went away for a few days, and as normal I didn’t tell you and just kept the writing rolling…the wonders of wifi internet. If you follow me on Facebook you might have noticed a drop off of sharing but only if you weren’t totally involved in the festive season. Our […]

Friday Photos

Some beauty and some practical stuff today. These are the Bahai Gardens in Haifa. They are just beautiful, lots of hard work and thought has gone into making these gardens. As we entered everyone was stopped and given instructions in the language of our choice, either Hebrew or English, but I forget them now. The gardens are […]

Friday Photos

I’d like to tell you I’m running out of photos of Israel for you but I suspect I’d be lying. The Old City in Jerusalem has so many little shops in it. It’s really hard to see where one finishes and another ends so I took this opportunity to take photos of the outside of some […]