Mondayitis – John Thornton

It is indeed idle to get between a fool and his folly, and I could have done nothing else to convince those fools to save their own lives. I watched them plunge, sled, man and dog through the rotten ice to their deaths, while Buck gazed on, almost impassively. He was bruised, starved and broken, […]

Jasper Fforde by Emily

Hi, I’m Emily Morgan, you’ll find me at Emily Morgan Writes and I’m very glad to be doing a guest post on Suz’s fantastic blog. Today I’m going to look at Jasper Fforde’s work.  I know that Suzie has reviewed one of his books, Something Rotten, on this blog and she found it not entirely to […]

Mondayitis – Miss Amelia

I am almost ashamed to admit that seeing my sister at the window, her back hunched, shoulders drooping in defeat, gives me a sort of savage satisfaction. I do not need to look past her to know that she is seeing Sara Crewe, wrapped warmly against the cold in her rich clothing, entering her beautiful […]