Quag Keep – Andre Norton

Quag Keep – Andre Norton

So much to say about this book but let’s start with the basics. It’s the first book in the two-part series set in the Dungeons and Dragons playverse. This book was first published in 1978 and was the first D&D book, the sequel Return to Quag’s Keep was published the year following Norton’s death in 2005 (published […]

Valhalla – Tom Holt

Valhalla – Tom Holt

I’ve a lot of Tom Holt on my shelf, he’s an author I enjoy quite a bit but I didn’t feel the love with this book. It was quite a shock to be halfway through before I found any type of connection, I only persevered as it’s Holt and I kept remembering all the other […]

Robin of Sherwood – Richard Carpenter

This book is the novelisation of the TV series, both written by the author of Catweazle, Richard Carpenter. If you haven’t seen or read Catweazle then you’re missing something fabulous. It’s a shame the same can’t be said about this book. Carpenter has included a couple of elements that I find not terribly believable because […]


My brilliantly named new series continues. Where I randomly select two books from my shelves and attempt to find a link. I do not promise it will be a good link, only that it will be a link. It might be anything at all. One thing I do promise is that the link will not be due […]

Stories From the Penatmerone by Giambattista Basile

You know, having kids means you get to read a lot of fairy stories and in some cases they examine them more carefully as they grow up and find them wanting. It’s not necessarily because the original fairy story has issues but because of what’s been done to it in popular culture i.e. Disney has […]

Knights of Madness by Peter Haining

Peter Haining is my all-time favourite editor, he’s put together so many of my favourite anthologies that I wouldn’t know where to begin to choose just one. Instead I’ll talk about the latest one I’ve read. Haining has been putting together anthologies for longer than I can remember, sadly he won’t be doing any more as he […]

M is for Sophie Masson

Sophie Masson is a fascinating writer, she seems to have a wide range of abilities. From fantasy to historical war fiction to non-fictional essays. I found this one and was very impressed with the information and the writing style, very easy to read. I fell in love with the name of this book hence why you’re getting […]

Making Money – Terry Pratchett

I’ve really put off reading this book as long as I possibly could, not because Pratchett died last year and there won’t be any more books and I want to put off reading the ones I haven’t read as it makes his death seem less real but because it has my favourite character. Don’t ask […]

Friday Photos

We stayed in a cabin at the Big4 Caravan Park while in Port Fairy. No, this isn’t an ad for them just an explanation. They were more geared towards families with young children who don’t mind being in close quarters and with activities for young children complete with pancakes for breakfast on Saturday morning. Apart from […]