Trade Me: The Inside Story by Michael “MOD” O’Donnell

Trade Me is the equivalent on eBay in New Zealand. It is locally grown by a university drop-out and is one of those fabulous success stories we’ve read about. The website went live in early 1999 then kicked off by their ISP for spamming, it went forward in leaps and bounds eventually being sold to the Australian […]

The book industry in Australia

I’m not actually certain if that’s a good heading for this, it’s going to be a general rant with no particular theme in mind. I’ve been catching up on some goings on in the industry in some forums and reading what other people have to say. It’s going to be an interesting time and I […]


I feel I have some knowledge about eBay now. I’ve been buying and selling there since 2005 and with over 700 feedback I finally feel I can give some form of advice about it. I’ve been putting some books on eBay recently as I’m trying to clear some stock and get a great cash flow […]

Who’s to Blame?

There are some people who change your life forever. And I mean totally change. I first met Olga on the forums on eBay where she taught me so much. A number of us met for lunch one day and have been firm friends ever since. I can honestly say I am a different person for […]

Books with possible problems

I know this is old news as Skip McGrath blogged about it in May, but you should know by now that I don’t always give you this information at the time of publishing. You can look at his blog for further details, but basically he’s blogged about a guy in America who forged signatures of […]

Winning Bulk Auctions – Good Idea or Not??

Another in the list of bulk buys. I still have my doubts about this one, but it paid off in the end. I won an auction on eBay. I was very careful to do my calculations before I put in a bid. The listing was for 2,000+ books. I thought about it and decided to […]

Bulk Books at Wesley

The first story starts at Wesley College – Elsternwick campus. They were having an Open Day a few years ago and to encourage more people to come and see what they do they had a few stalls. I was helping out on the Raffle stall, there were plenty of food stalls, a few rides, the […]