O is for Kate Orman

O is not a common letter when we’re looking at female science fiction authors and I had very few people to choose from, by the time I eliminated those I really wasn’t interested in I still had four and then I found Kate Orman and knew I’d found the one! I mentioned the name to […]

Doctor Who @ Armageddon 2014

Doctor Who was a very big theme at Armageddon this year, it might have something to do with Jenna Coleman being there as a speaker etc. There are some very inventive people doing costumes out there.  

The Ian Broughton Memorial Games Library

Ian Broughton was a very caring man who loved his games. Unfortunately, he was also rather troubled and when he died recently his friends needed some way of remembering him and his pain to try and help others through similar problems. His wife then made a donation to Notions Unlimited Bookshop of all his games so […]

Around the internet

I’m starting off this thought with vale to Nick Cardy. Comic book illustrator Cardy died on the 3rd of November at the grand young age of 93. He was closely identified with Aquaman and the first iteration of Teen Titans. He will be missed. Condolences go to the family and friends. While we’re talking illustrators […]

The Boy Who Kicked Pigs – Tom Baker

The front cover describes this book as ‘A grotesque masterpiece’, I agree about the grotesque part. The story is about Robert Caligari who enjoyed kicking pigs and ended up causing some serious trouble and then gets his comeuppance. I found it interesting not due to it’s writing style or it’s content but for other reasons. […]

Vale: Elisabeth Sladen

Elisabeth Sladen played Sarah Jane Smith on Doctor Who, K-9 and Company and also had her own show, The Sarah Jane Adventures. She passed away on 19th April 2011 after suffering from cancer, she was 63. She will be very much missed. I always had a problem with Sarah Jane. She seemed to be a […]

Doctor Who

Doctor Who, is it science fiction, fantasy and does it matter? I was reading a slightly aged article today written by Sir Terry Pratchett about Doctor Who and why he keeps watching. Doctor Who is one of those love-em or hate-em programmes, I haven’t found anyone who is in-between. The original series until they were […]

Triocon 2010 – Melbourne

Some of you will know that Triocon is on this weekend and some of you will know the fun and excitement to be had there. For those that don’t here is a basic rundown on some of the fun; I’ve had some coaching from DD who attended Doctor Who Downunder last year, also run by […]

Doctor Who and being blogged

I’m sure you want to know what Doctor Who and me being blogged have to do with each other. Actually, to be honest, nothing at all. I only have a few words to say about both things and I’m going to talk about both of them today to make a longer blog. A few days […]