Pensive sitting

I was going to write about the book I’ve just finished. Then I stopped and thought how I would normally write about what I’m doing next weekend. It’s a tradition of mine to write about the Australian Discworld Convention at some stage of the game, whether before or after. Today I’ve decided to write about […]

England and Wales

I’ve made up my mind to get back to scribbling about books next week, this means this is the last about my travels. If you want to read more just ask and I’ll reconsider based on your request. We flew into Heathrow and took the train out to Paddington Station where they have Welcome to […]

And another break from books

I’ll get back to scribbling about books soonish, promise. I mean, that is the premise behind this blog but I seem to have digressed quite a bit this year. We did it again. We went away without telling people. Mostly without telling people. Only this time I was prepared and had something scheduled to publish […]

There are times…

when I really wish I lived in the northern hemisphere. Things happen over there in the book world that either don’t happen here or they’re just bigger. I’m only jealous. If you’re wondering what I’m annoyed about now then you can wander over to your Twitter account and put #TheBookCon into the search engine there. […]

Conventions. Conferences. Great fun!

This is an article that was supposed to be published on the 17th November 2017. I have no idea why it didn’t happen but as it’s still relevant so I’m publishing today instead. Today I had my first stint volunteering at the Small Press Network Conference. It happens every year and last year was my […]

Discworld Grand Tour

The beginning of this month was a whirlwind of excitement, fun, frolics and emotion. It was the 6th Australian Discworld Convention and I had all of the above words going through my life, then I drove to Adelaide for the Convention. The drive was fun as I had a co-pilot with me and we spent […]

Apologies in retrospect and advance

I’m over-committed, many people know this. Sometimes it catches up with me and things done get done. Early Thursday morning I drove to pick up my passenger and head off to Adelaide. It was the Australian Discworld Convention and we were preparing to have the time of our lives. It was a lovely drive with lots […]

Oz Comic-Con Melbourne 2017 Interviews part 2

This year I attended Oz Comic-Con with the view to getting more interviews. It took me three weeks to think of a question. It turned out to be suitable for both authors and artists alike so that’s what happened. I’m always amazed at how hearable the interviews are despite me using really basic equipment. Yes, […]

Oz Comic-Con 2017 – Melbourne

There was a change this year and I haven’t managed to put my finger on it. It wasn’t the cosplay, that was as amazing as ever but I took fewer photos. It may have been the selling type people, there did seem to be a few different items this year. There were more authory type […]

Eighth Anniversary Weekend!

I’m officially excited. I know, I’ve been officially excited by many things over the past year or two but this time it’s about my blog. This weekend is the Eighth Anniversary of this blog. It’s very exciting and without the writing here I would not be at uni and I would not have a short story […]