Pensive sitting

I was going to write about the book I’ve just finished. Then I stopped and thought how I would normally write about what I’m doing next weekend. It’s a tradition of mine to write about the Australian Discworld Convention at some stage of the game, whether before or after. Today I’ve decided to write about […]

England and Wales

I’ve made up my mind to get back to scribbling about books next week, this means this is the last about my travels. If you want to read more just ask and I’ll reconsider based on your request. We flew into Heathrow and took the train out to Paddington Station where they have Welcome to […]

Discworld Grand Tour

The beginning of this month was a whirlwind of excitement, fun, frolics and emotion. It was the 6th Australian Discworld Convention and I had all of the above words going through my life, then I drove to Adelaide for the Convention. The drive was fun as I had a co-pilot with me and we spent […]

Videos from OzComicCon

People were very patient with me at OzComicCon. I have 10 interviews for you to enjoy. You’ll notice the slight amusement at the end when I unveiled my signature question. Despite my low technology everything came out fairly well. Ander Louis C.S. Pacat Troy Barnes Craig Bruyn Marianne de Pierres Nath Stones Melanie Tomlin Isobelle Carmody Doug […]

Writers not paid?

There’s something that’s been totally fascinating me at events such as SupaNova, Armageddon (now called AMC Expo) and other events such as these which include “stars” from movies and TV series. If you’re not familiar with them let me explain a little. AMC Expo is an amazing event whereby you have a number of stars mostly from overseas […]

The day after the weekend before

If you’re reading this…no, I’m sure I’m ok you lot read too much. Sheesh! Get out and get something called life for a bit and get your head out of that book! All this means is that I haven’t had time or internet to write anything for today. As I write this (Wednesday morning) I’m […]


Around about the time I went to Sydney for the National Book Bloggers Forum at Penguin Random House I was thinking we really needed a group for book bloggers. If they could get 50 people there in the space of a few weeks then how many book bloggers are there in Australia? I don’t know […]

State of Play part whatever

Just a little wander around the internet this week gives a few links for you. This little article talks about pop up shops and it reminded me of one I saw the other day at Brandon Park. I don’t recall the name of the shop but it sold books and the lady had no idea […]

Towel Day – MSFC

As today is Towel Day it’s fitting I desert the floor for Jason from the Melbourne Science Fiction Club. They’re celebrating their 62nd year and funnily enough so is the Queen. Take it away, Jason. The Melbourne Science Fiction Club (MSFC) was formed way back in 1952, making it the second oldest continuing operating science […]