Enough Rope 3 – Andrew Denton

Enough Rope 3 by Andrew Denton Published by ABC Books – AU on November 1st 2005 Pages: 352 Goodreads When he first started Enough Rope, Andrew Denton expressed the fear that he would wake up and see ‘the yawning gap where his career used to be’. Now into its third year, Enough Rope is a […]

Lady, Lady, I did it! – Ed McBain

Lady, Lady, I did it! – Ed McBain

Lady, Lady, I Did It! by Ed McBain, Dick Hill Published by Thomas & Mercer on March 2nd 2012 Genres: Police Procedural Pages: 196 Goodreads During the heat of an Indian summer, a quadruple homicide that includes among its victims the fiancée of an 87th Precinct detective sets off a desperate, vendetta-like hunt for the […]

Buddhist Boot Camp – Timber Hawkeye

I don’t normally put a book in twice but a discussion with a Buddhist friend on Facebook prompted me to ask him to read the book and give me his take on it. Thank you, Andrew. Having read many texts and been a student of the Buddhist philosophy, I was intrigued to take up an […]

Fight Like A Girl – Clementine Ford

Clementine Ford’s ‘Fight Like A Girl’ is a fantastic read, as well as an exceedingly brutal read. Ford uses her trademark no nonsense prose to clearly explain the horrors – there really is no other word for it – that women and girls face every single day, from the threat of murder and domestic violence, […]

Stories From the Penatmerone by Giambattista Basile

You know, having kids means you get to read a lot of fairy stories and in some cases they examine them more carefully as they grow up and find them wanting. It’s not necessarily because the original fairy story has issues but because of what’s been done to it in popular culture i.e. Disney has […]

The Sad Variety by Nicholas Blake

The things one finds on a quick search! Having tantalised you I’m going to talk about the book first before telling you what I’ve found. You can either be patient and read through or ignore it and skip to the bottom. The Book! This is a spy/kidnapping type story. Lucy, the eight-year-old daughter of Professor Wragby has been […]

Knights of Madness by Peter Haining

Peter Haining is my all-time favourite editor, he’s put together so many of my favourite anthologies that I wouldn’t know where to begin to choose just one. Instead I’ll talk about the latest one I’ve read. Haining has been putting together anthologies for longer than I can remember, sadly he won’t be doing any more as he […]

The Cat Who Saw Red by Lilian Jackson Braun

This is the fourth book in the Cat Who series. There’s only 29 mysteries in this series and unlikely to be more. Number 30 was cancelled when Braun died in 2011. You’ll find I scribbled a few words about the second book The Cat Who Ate Danish Modern four years ago! This time Qwill is given the […]

James Bond 007: For Special Services by John Gardner

I’m not really a James Bond person, I have read a couple of the original books and I find it telling that the only thing that’s stayed with me is the description of James Bond and the only man who fits that description is Timothy Dalton, very interesting. I don’t find that kind of character appealing, he […]