Q is for rant

Sort of but not really. This is my third cycle through the alphabet, I’ve had issues with various letters but have managed to sort something out at some point, today it’s just not happening. I’ve found one ‘writer’ for Q who has won several awards for best unpublished manuscript but I can’t actually find her book. I did […]

P is for Christine Paice

If I were a poet like Paice I’d be composing this article in rhyme but poetry and I rarely agree so I’m afraid the words will have to be slung together in a different way. Having bribed her family to live with her in Kiama, Paice spends her time teaching creative writing and poetry as well […]

O is for Mietta O’Donnell

I never thought I’d have such trouble with O. I found it a challenge to find someone with this letter for whom I could actually find something to write. It seems a travesty to refer to her as O’Donnell when she is iconicly known by her first name. O’Donnell was a journalist when she met up with Tony Knox […]

N is for Julie Nickerson

It’s that time of week when I head out in the wilds of the internet and find an Australian author. The hunt was exhaustive, I hunted high and low and every bit in between…to be honest all I did was check my spreadsheet and go through all the females of the right letter before I […]

M is for Sophie Masson

Sophie Masson is a fascinating writer, she seems to have a wide range of abilities. From fantasy to historical war fiction to non-fictional essays. I found this one and was very impressed with the information and the writing style, very easy to read. I fell in love with the name of this book hence why you’re getting […]

L is for Ginny Lowndes

You know, there’s always a reason why I pick a person to scribble a few words on, sometimes the reasons don’t make a lot of sense but I have to choose somehow. Lowndes spoke to me, in my mind’s ear she sounds totally ocker as if she’s got a rather strine accent and that just appealed […]

K is for Thalia Kalkipsakis

I’m writing about Kalkipsakis solely because of a review I found online. It’s a shortlived blog and when you read it you’ll understand that some children have a greater attention span than others and this was probably one of those who started the blog then became bored but I fell in love with the review. […]

J is for Noëlle Janaczewska

Sometimes I find the most amazing people through liking the look of their name. Janaczewska is more of a playwright than anything else, she doesn’t shy from sensitive issues and from the look of her plays she’s really awesome at showing us the entire issue in all its complexity. The book I’ve linked to here is […]

I is for Tania Ingram

I came across Ingram today and loved Cooper. Cooper is a pet rat who helps Jinny get through things and if you love Cooper as much as I do then you can go to Ingram’s website and down the pattern so your child can have their own Cooper to go with the story. Looking at her […]

H is for Traci Harding

Harding shows that anything is possible whether you were bad at English at school, a terrible speller and dyslexic it is still possible to write a really good book, or even several really good series of books. In my stalking of her I found so much about her. She apparently got a D for English in […]