Musketeer Space – Tansy Rayner Roberts

Buckle your swashes! First revealed on Roberts’ Patreon, I bought this ebook using Kickstarter some time later. There are perks for giving people money using Patreon. I’m not sure what I was thinking as there were several books in the mix and my To Be Read Pile was totally out of control. But, it seems […]

Mac’s Hotel

I had lunch at Captain Melville’s the other day. It was a lovely lunch and today’s thoughts pay tribute to the staff there as I could eat several dishes with absolutely no changes being made. This doesn’t happen often and I enjoyed every mouthful. As I walked towards the building this is what I saw. […]

Penelope Bungles to Broome – Tim Bowden

Tim Bowden, Australian journalist, born in Tasmania (but we shouldn’t hold that against him). I remember him for two things. Backchat was a wonderful programme on the ABC which was full of correspondence to the station, it was only a few minutes but was pure gold, he was the presenter. And the other is rather more nebulous, […]

X is for Xanthé Mallett

I’m stretching a point here as I really can’t find a female Australian author with a surname beginning with X. I’ve tried and friends have tried and Xanthé is the best we can come up with. And just to push the point I’m breaking my unwritten rule of using the surname as reference. Xanthé is a forensic anthropologist […]

W is for Edel Wignell

Edel Wignell, her name caught my eye and when I googled her story caught my brain. Read on MacDuff! Some little facts Her first name rhymes with medal. She lived on a sheep farm in northern Victoria when she was little. She was born in Echuca. It’s a lovely little town, my first memories are of […]

Language is interesting

One of the things we’re discussing in English Language is the use of words and how we can use words that don’t offend others. I’m finding this such a fascinating discussion as I suspect I’ve been offending without meaning to as I have a different take on various words and what they mean to me. Let’s have […]


And now to explain why I had little internet access for a few days. One of the reasons I love writing a blog is that it’s quite possible to write in advance and schedule articles or even write while on holidays so no-one needs to know you’re away. The problem there is that I had […]


I’ve barely finished writing about America and we go away again…being fair to myself, America was a big trip and it took me a long time to write about most things we did. This time we only spent a week in Portland so I should be able to finish writing about it fairly quickly. Portland….Victoria, […]

America, I come!

It’s that time when I up sticks and desert everyone, I’m doing it quite deliberately and on purpose. The OH has a conference in Boston and has asked me to go too, I can’t tell you how fast I was to agree. We’ll be spending a week in Boston, then travelling down the East Coast […]

I knew where to go

I’b been there before and knew exactly where to go so please tell me why I didn’t go straight up the stairs as soon as I got through the doors. As I was going up the stairs the adrenalin started as I recalled the last time I was at the Sebel. It was called the […]