Great Women in Speculative Fiction

This was another interesting panel at AussieCon 4. I wasn’t certain whether to expect it to be full of feminists or not, it turned out to be full of just people. The panellists were Claire Briarley, Lucy Sussex, Lezli Robyn and Deborah Biancotti with Andrew Butler as the sole male. There were two issues at […]

Buffy, well actually Joss Whedon

This is another of the panels I attended at Aussie Con 4, the real title was High stakes: The Television Worlds of Joss Whedon and it was talking all about his various television productions and how good they were. This will be a shortish post as I don’t want to give away spoilers for those […]

ASIM Authors

As mentioned in the comments for this post about ASIM, Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine on 7th October I’m revealing the miscellaneous author standing in the Dealer’s Room at AussieCon 4. Yes, Simon Petrie was right it is indeed Adam Browne and in the following photo he’s standing with John Dixon. Both have been published in […]