I is for Tania Ingram

I came across Ingram today and loved Cooper. Cooper is a pet rat who helps Jinny get through things and if you love Cooper as much as I do then you can go to Ingram’s website and down the pattern so your child can have their own Cooper to go with the story. Looking at her […]

H is for Traci Harding

Harding shows that anything is possible whether you were bad at English at school, a terrible speller and dyslexic it is still possible to write a really good book, or even several really good series of books. In my stalking of her I found so much about her. She apparently got a D for English in […]

G is for Kerry Greenwood

Kerry Greenwood, everyone’s heard of Greenwood. She’s the lady who found Phryne Fisher in her subconscious and quickly shared her with everyone else, again, and again, and again before they were found and shared on screen. I’m going to admit I’ve never read a Greenwood book but before but I’m sure it will happen. I have […]

F is for Mem Fox

Who else would I write about for F? Actually, there is Jackie French but I think Fox is more appropriate. Born 1946 with rather interesting ideas and now semi-retired. Her first book, Possum Magic, was written in 1978 but it took five years and several publishers before someone in Omnibus Books in Adelaide finally saw […]

E is for Hazel Edwards

Who else would be a suitable person to write about for this letter but the ever popular Hazel Edwards? Her most popular book There’s a Hippopotamus on the Roof Eating Cake, is so popular it’s been made into a short film and you can find a clip of it here by Pocket Bonfire Productions (there’s a familial […]

D is for Ursula Dubosarsky

While I haven’t read Ursula Dubosarsky I have been fascinated by her ever since I came across one of her books in the op shop. It’s a natural progression from there to writing about her today. Being born in 1961 makes her a young chick but she’s packed a lot of writing into her years having written 40+ […]

C is for Isobelle Carmody

I apologise up front but I’m having issues with links so I can’t link to any of Carmody’s books today, I hope to have it sorted by Friday. Isobelle Carmody, author of the hugely successful Obernewtyn series is one of the all-time greats of Australian authors. She first started writing when she was 14 and […]

B is for Jesse Blackadder

I think I’m going to enjoy this series of Author by Alphabet. Just having a quick glance at the list of authors I’ve collated brings me to a lovely name and I just had to find out if she was worth writing about, boy, is she ever worth writing about! Jesse Blackadder is a Sydney chick […]

A is for Debra Adelaide

I made a decision, but you’ve figured that out by now. Yes, I’m going to do another Alphabet by Author but this one is all Australian, I may even narrow it down and do females first but you’ll find out in due course. Today I’m looking at Debra Adelaide. She’s still a young chick being […]

K is for William Kotzwinkle

Just filling in the last letter of my series on Male Science Fiction Authors, I was rather remiss and I’m making amends. I found this book at a market last week and realised I didn’t need to search for another author. It was at the St Kilda Twilight Market next to Luna Park, the vendor has lots […]