Ninth Anniversary! Competition!

When I first start blogging it was with the idea of supporting my online bookselling with some search engine optimisation. It never occurred to me that it would lead to a brand new life. This coming Sunday, the 22nd April, is the ninth anniversary of the beginning of a whole new life. A life where […]

Paratalk or torque? –  The “Jane Eyre moment”

Today Paratalk or torque? is brought to you by Jenny Jones, a writer I’ve known for many years. I was experiencing an ordeal: a hand of fiery iron grasped my vitals. Terrible moment: full of struggle, blackness, burning! Not a human being that ever lived could wish to be loved better than I was loved; […]

From Here to There – Jon Faine & Jack Faine

From Here to There – Jon Faine & Jack Faine

From Here to There: a father and son road trip adventure from Melbourne to London by Jon Faine, Jack Faine Published by HarperCollins Publishers (Australia) Pty Ltd on 2010 Pages: 352 Goodreads ‘Somehow, I convinced myself it was a good idea. Somehow, I convinced myself that it was do-able. Now I shake my head… We […]

Canberra 2018

We drove to Canberra earlier this year. As normal I don’t tell the world when we’re going away, it’s something you find out later. The reason was to view my Great Uncle’s Log Book from his time in WWII. He was a pilot and this book shows the time he spent training and then flying. […]

The Life of Oscar Wilde – Hesketh Pearson

I’d apologise for the lack of title and author in the photo but this is often how they printed books back in 1946, they’d include a dustjacket with more details. This is all I have, I think it’s really lovely and the flower is actually mentioned inside the book. This is one of those books […]

Dog Boy – Eva Hornung

Dog Boy by Eva Hornung Published by Viking Adult on March 18th 2010 Pages: 304 Goodreads A vivid, riveting novel about an abandoned boy who takes up with a pack of feral dogs Two million children roam the streets in late twentieth-century Moscow. A four-year-old boy named Romochka, abandoned by his mother and uncle, is […]

Ged Gillmore Author Interview

Here is the author interview I mentioned yesterday. Ged Gillmore is the author of the Bill Murdoch series of crime books, set in Sydney and the NSW Central Coast. Originally intending the first book in the series, Headland, to be a stand alone crime novel, Ged was encouraged by rave reviews from around the world […]

I am apologetic

This is yet another apology. I’m finding I’m swamped with work and not over-endowed with energy and time. I see a couple of options for ensuring I get all the important things done. One is to sleep less and the other is to drop my blog. I have considered dropping the blog altogether but the […]

Growing up Brady – Barry Williams with Chris Kreski

I was so, so excited to find this book. I used to love watching The Brady Bunch. Everything was also so perfect, the siblings fought but made it up in the end. When something went wrong they stood up for each other. It was so different to my family. I just wonder if I made […]

Paratalk or torque?

Iron Will by James Maxwell Published by 47North on March 13th 2018 Pages: 416 Goodreads The epic conclusion to James Maxwell’s gripping fantasy series. The world is facing a war to end all wars, a confrontation that will destroy everything Dion and Chloe hold dear. With Palemon’s dragon army growing in number, time is running […]