Website challenges

Ok, this is going to be the boring post and I don’t blame people if you don’t read it just remember it’s here in case you try to buy books on Suz’s Space and the site doesn’t show. I hinted at some things happening a while back and now I need to give some more […]

Anne McCaffrey

I’m going to admit that I’m not actually collecting Anne McCaffrey. Truly I’m not, but somehow her books just keep finding their way onto my bookshelves. I’ve been reading her works for a very long time. I must have half of her Dragonriders of Pern books as well as a couple of Pegasus books and […]

Nullus Anxietas

There’s always something to talk about in the book world and sometimes it’s just a matter of making a decision. Today was no exception. In my yearly planner I have a note to tell me I missed Agatha Christie’s birthday yesterday (it does help if I actually look at the yearly planner), she would have […]

New old dustjackets

There are some interesting websites out there. Some are more interesting than others and I’m going to point you in the direction of one such site and let you make up your own mind. This url has been sitting here looking at me for some time, A New Look At Old Books. I was not […]

Gerald Durrell

Gerald Durrell is one of the authors I remember with fondness from my childhood. The Overloaded Ark was on the shelf and I must have read it at a fairly young age. It had such charm that when I started selling books I made certain to pick up every copy of his works I possibly […]

A Library without books

The future is here whether like it or not. So many science fiction books have envisioned a library without books and I could never quite come around to the idea. Well, if you go to Ashburnham in New England, USA you’ll see the results. They’re getting rid of all of their books and replacing them […]

Measure bookshelves

Measurements of bookshelves, estimate number of books, how many shelves we had when we moved in, how many boxes we had when we moved here. Think about packing them up for another move – lots of screams and I can’t do this it’s too much. Man, that’ll be hard to move that many boxes twice […]

Lots of books to process

I’ve just made the decision to try and blog more often. Sometimes I’ll ramble on about very little and other times I’ll actually have something sensible to say. I’m currently doing some research on Pulp Magazines and that might culminate in a number of blogs about them. I’m hoping to have an announcement about the […]

Tomorrow When the War Began – The Movie

Now, I’m sure some of you already knew that work has begun on transforming John Marsden’s book Tomorrow When the War Began into a movie, but I’ve just found out. I read on IMDB that they announced the casting of Caitlin Stasey as Ellie Linton, the central character of the books. They announced back in […]

John Carter of Mars

It’s interesting how the future can hang on a decision. I was recently in email conversation with the fabulous Jody Lynn Nye and she mentioned John Carter of Mars had been close to becoming animation back in 1936. The animator at the time was Bob Clampett and you can find some footage hereof his early […]