Tom Holt

Tom Holt is an author with a rather wacky sense of humour. I suspect I would like him a lot. His novels are generally “mythopoeic novels which parody or take as their theme various aspects of mythology, history or literature and develop them in new and often humorous ways”. Thank you to Wikipedia for this […]

Borders Top 100 Books results

100 Favourite Books of All Time as voted by You!! Ok, it’s taken some time but we’ve finally received notification of the results of the poll Borders took a couple of months ago. Funnily enough my vote didn’t make it into the top 100, I really don’t know why, Grug is highly collectable and they’ve […]

Website problems

More delays. This was going to be about something to do with books. I’ve started a blog about Tom Holt and I’ve also just received an email about the voting for the favourite books of all time by Borders so I was planning on writing about that. Unfortunately, events have taken over so I’m going […]

Website update

Okay, so much for posting more often. Things are changing, thanks to the magic of my new webhost I’ve finally managed to get access to the back end of my new website. It’s going to be slow as I have allocated a week to get things shipshape before creating listings and getting the books back […]

The Dark Side of the Sun – Terry Pratchett

I’m not quite certain what to say about this book. It’s not part of his Discworld series, in fact, not part of any series I know of. I can’t quite decide whether it’s a dig at science fiction stories or a salute to them. What I do know is that there are many jokes and […]

Australian Book List

Ok, another booklist, but only because I have to iron tonight and so I don’t have time to do anything properly. Therefore I’m not even giving you the whole list, you can download the pdf just as well as I can. This list has been published by the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Commission, for those readers […]

Finally, as promised

Finally, as promised my website is down. If you decide to visit you will find a very generic home page with nothing useful to do. This is where I wanted to be a month ago so at least it’s progress. I’m still having trouble getting into the back end to actually fix things up […]

Books I’ve started reading

I don’t claim this post to be exciting it’s more of an explanation as to why I haven’t been reviewing many books recently. I haven’t managed to complete a book for about a month and it’s not just because I’m busy but also due to the books I’ve been starting. Anyway, here we go. What […]

Website challenges

Ok, this is going to be the boring post and I don’t blame people if you don’t read it just remember it’s here in case you try to buy books on Suz’s Space and the site doesn’t show. I hinted at some things happening a while back and now I need to give some more […]