Dirk Bogarde

Dirk Bogarde – actor, author, artist, screen idol. He was born Derek Jules Gaspard Ulric Niven van den Bogaerde on 28 March 1921 and died on 8 May 1999. In my childhood I knew him as one of the most gorgeous looking actors on screen, star of the three Doctor movies, Doctor in the House, […]

Why Me – Kevin Hitchcock

“Swinging out on a rope over the Hawkesbury River, sports-loving journalist Kevin Hitchcock didn’t have a care in the world. He, his wife and two children were enjoying their summer holidays with the latest addition to their family, five-week-old Kirralyn. Then Kevin hit the water, then the sandy river bottom, then… silence. Hours later he […]

Website Update

You probably need an update on the website. This is going to be short and I’ll probably be keeping most of my posts fairly short or cheating and giving you a book list for a while. Things are going well and the website is actually up and running. There are still problems but I’m finally […]

I’m not writing much tonight

I’m not planning on writing much tonight. My website is starting to take shape and I’m going to get some books listed there instead. There is a problem with the prices as it doesn’t seem to like the price I put in but I’ll just keep going and put that in later. If you want […]

Murray Whelan – Shane Maloney

Tonight I’m going to break with tradition and give you three-in-one book review. I’m shamelessly pinching some stuff from Shane Maloney’s website as his summary is nice and concise. “There are currently six Murray Whelan novels. Each is a stand-alone story. Sequentially, they follow Murray’s journey through the ranks of a well-known but entirely fictional […]


Libraries are a wonderful invention. I know I shouldn’t be advocating the use of libraries as it reduces the number books you actually buy, but I think they’re wonderful. My local library is having a bit of an upgrade and while some of the stock has been distributed to the other libraries in the area […]

Mary Elwyn Patchett

I’m really annoyed. I’m trying to list a few things on eBay in order to make some quick money. I grabbed a box of books that looked good and started researching to see which would sell best. First of all I got Mary Elwyn Patchett mixed up with Elyne Mitchell which sent me on a […]

Sara Douglass, Celebrating Ten Years of Crusader This Month

Sara Douglass, Celebrating Ten Years of Crusader This Month This month celebrates the tenth anniversary release of Book 3 of the Wayfarer Redemption by Sara Douglass. Sara Douglass is an Australian author whose books were first published in 1995 with her first published book Axis, book one of the trilogy by the same name. Ever […]

Mark – Guest Blogger

Well, tonight I get the pleasure of introducing tomorrow’s post. I first met Mark in 2004 when I joined the Australian Discworld Convention Disorganising Committee. I was bored and looking for something new and different to do so I joined the committee. Mark was a Committee member for the first Convention and took over the […]

10 Books like Dan Brown

I understand that a lot of people liked The Da Vinci Code and therefore will read some or all of Dan Brown’s books. I do understand that and I will defend your right to like whichever books you so desire but I found him very boring. I picked up The Da Vinci Code one year […]