Working from home

There are good things and bad things about working from home. I’ve had occasion to feel grateful and annoyed about it all the one week. This past week I’ve been unwell, it’s just a common or garden virus but never-the-less I had to take some time off to recover. This week my mother came to […]

More pre-teens to early teens books

Altar of Shulaani – Margaret Pearce This is a corker of a science fiction book. It rattles along at a great pace and I had great trouble taking my eyes off the page. The cover bills it as a science fiction adventure and it’s certainly that. With mentions of space travel and episodes of time […]

The Diddakoi – Rumer Godden

I remember Rumer Godden from my childhood. The one I remember the most is An Episode of Sparrows but I always knew she was a wonderful writer. She wrote a number of fabulous books some of which were co-authored with her sister, Jon Godden. She was born Margaret Rumer Godden and wrote under her pen […]

Op Shops

Selling pre-loved books online can be a solitary occupation. Yes, I do have to go out to find the books and I can interact with people at those times, but there comes a time when I just have to bite the bullet, go home and start taking photos of all the books so I can […]

To be read pile

I’m getting more and more frustrated with my reading. As I get older and busier I find I have less and less time to read while I find I have more and more things to read. One of the reasons is my wide reading habits. I am prepared to read almost anything, I draw the […]

ebooks are becoming mainstream

eBooks are become mainstream. They are something I’ve read about in science fiction and now they’re taking off. There’s a number of ways to read an eBook and some lovely person has created an entry in Wikipedia which includes the name of the device, who manufactured it and the date of manufacture. Linked from this […]

Mixed children’s books – spot the theme

I’ve been making my way through those children’s books I mentioned in a previous post. It’s been fun. I started with Gobbolino The Witch’s Cat by Ursula Moray Williams and found it totally different to my memory. Gobbolino is born a witch’s cat but wants to be a kitchen cat. He is left behind by […]

Vale: John Ryan creator of Captain Pugwash

I’ve just heard the news today of the passing of John Ryan, the creator of the fabulous Captain Pugwash, at the age of 88. It was while he was teaching art at Harrow School in the north west suburbs of London that he first drew Captain Pugwash as a comic strip. He had a bit […]

Richard Gordon – collection or not

Am I collecting Richard Gordon? It’s such a good question and I really don’t know. Let me ramble on about him for a bit and we’ll see where I end up. Starting with a search on Wikipedia, it’s the first place I go to when researching authors. A very interesting search it brings up a […]

Books with possible problems

I know this is old news as Skip McGrath blogged about it in May, but you should know by now that I don’t always give you this information at the time of publishing. You can look at his blog for further details, but basically he’s blogged about a guy in America who forged signatures of […]