Snow Crash – Neal Stephenson

Snow Crash – Neal Stephenson Oh, man, how do I review this book? I think the first thing I have to say about it is it would make a fantastic game. It has lots of action, lots of detective work, lots of history which has our hero has to know in order to figure everything […]

Collecting Books

As some of you know, I’ve been giving you the lowdown on the authors/series I collect. The follow up to this is a blog on collecting books and despite giving a lot of thought to it I couldn’t come up with any particular words. This morning I was browsing the various blogs I check out […]

Remembrance Day

What do you do on Remembrance Day? I don’t have any books handy that talk about Remembrance Day and it seems so wrong to not talk about it for that reason so I’m just going to say a few words about what I do. The first thing I think about is my uncle’s birthday, it’s […]

Happy Birthday Neil Gaiman

Neil Richard Gaiman, author and screen writer. He’s written a number of excellent books and I’m told the films he’s written the screenplays for are also excellent but I haven’t actually seen any of them as yet. There’s still plenty of time so I’m not ruling out seeing them I just haven’t…as yet. Not being […]

Nothing about books today

Some time ago I posted about a gentleman who makes the most exquisite things using offcuts of wood and knitting needles. Well, today I’m finally going to post some photos. Here’s a link to the original blog in case you want to remember my washing day. Huon Pine Bowl Mahogany Bowl Pen Stand with Southern […]

Patricia Wrightson

Today, being Melbourne Cup day, I should really be reviewing a book on Phar Lap or a book on racing as that would be really appropriate. I’m not really sporty or interested in anything relating to sport so I don’t have anything appropriate so you’ll just have to put up with a few words about […]

Riverworld Series – Philip Jose Farmer

Riverworld Series – Philip Jose Farmer Riverworld is an amazing idea. Imagine the entire population of the Earth that has ever lived and imagine that population being resurrected on another world. How would this work? I couldn’t even begin to contemplate figuring out how this would work, but Philip Jose did. He must have looked […]

Time Critics 100 best books from 1923 to present

This list from the Time Critics is interesting as it contains adult and childrens books. Some of these books are very new while others are not. I’ve read a total of 10 of these books and plan to remedy that as soon as I can, I’ve actually just found Snow Crash today and picked it […]

Ladybird Books

Ladybird Books were first published in 1940. They have been much loved throughout many generations and are fantastic for beginner readers. They are a small book so ideal for small hands (such as mine) and they have published so many titles over the years and cover a multitude of topics. The publishers have even printed […]

Dirk Bogarde

Dirk Bogarde – actor, author, artist, screen idol. He was born Derek Jules Gaspard Ulric Niven van den Bogaerde on 28 March 1921 and died on 8 May 1999. In my childhood I knew him as one of the most gorgeous looking actors on screen, star of the three Doctor movies, Doctor in the House, […]