Ingenuity and new use for books

I have a love/hate relationship with people who cut up books or make them into things, but sometimes it just has to be done. Most encyclopedias are not worth the paper they’re printed anymore as they go out of date before they’re printed and the internet has made the search for information so much easier […]

The Original Jennings

Jennings and Darbishire, two of my favourite childhood characters. They seemed to live idyllic lives in boarding school and have all sorts of adventures. The books were written by Anthony Buckeridge with the first one, Jennings Goes to School, being published in 1950 and the last, That’s Jennings, in 1994. I’ve just found out that […]

Family Stories – Uncle Abe and the car

I know it has nothing to do with books but I’m going to give you a few family stories at odd times. My Great Uncle Abe passed on recently and has left a rash of stories. This is my favourite. It’s set sometime in the mid to late 1960s. Uncle Abe used to work in […]

Condensing books into movies

I’ve been watching Hogfather the movie, not the book and just being totally amazed by how nicely the transition has been. It’s gone from being a super cool book to being a super cool movie. The characters come through beautifully and some of the characters work much better on screen than they do in book […]

Hancock: Man of Iron – Neil Phillipson

Hancock: Man of Iron – Neil Phillipson This book is a comprehensive book describing Lang Hancock and his association with mining in Western Australia. It gives a good deal of information about mining and helps to understand Hancock’s personality. He was a third generation North Australian and his name was synonymous with the Pilbara region, […]

Jabberwocky in Russian

Here I am, browsing the internet, minding my own business and I come across an excerpt from Jabberwocky. Following the rest of the conversation I found someone had read Jabberwocky in Russian and I was totally astounded. Jabberwocky is a wonderful nonsense poem written by Lewis Caroll in 1871. It is used in English classes […]

Books that get a new lease of life

One thing I’m always puzzled by is why some books get a new lease of life and others don’t. I’m talking about books that are passed down the generations or rediscovered by a new generation. What makes one title be remembered so much and another pass into obscurity? I don’t actually have any answers here, […]

Series continued by another author

In science fiction and fantasy circles you all know of those series where the author has died and someone else has been commissioned to continue writing their series of books. The ones that come to mind at present at The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy trilogy by Douglas Adams and the Wheel of Time series […]

Website updates

Well, things are certainly a lot better now. The website problems seem to have resolved themselves very nicely and I’m able to upload books. I’ve managed to solve the problem of the banner and it is now clickable so it takes you back to the home page and I’ve also solved some search engine problems […]

Flesh and Blood – Jonathan Kellerman

Flesh and Blood – Jonathan Kellerman I’ve been wondering how I’d be able to read enough to be able to blog about them. I may be a fast reader but I really don’t have a lot of time to read and a couple of weeks ago I remembered I had some audio tapes. I pulled […]