Currently reading…

I’m currently reading two books and hope to finish both of them soon. The first one is long awaited. A friend at the op shop got me to buy two copies for her as her story appears in it so I bought one for me as well and it’s been on the shelf a a […]

Taking Photographs

One of the tasks that must be done for any online shop is to take photographs of each item. Now, there’s debate among the online bookselling community about which is best – scans or photographs. Some people like scans as they’re easy to do while others prefer photographs. I prefer photos as you can get […]

Little Things

I would have posted this last night but our wifi was playing up and connection was very sporadic. I generally had a couple of minutes of connection followed by 20 or so minutes of nothing. I should have been doing some ironing but we only have one iron and someone else was using it, hated […]

The Man From U.N.C.L.E.

The Man From U.N.C.L.E. was originally a television adventures series first released in 1964. The books followed fairly close behind starting in 1965. They were a wonderful series full of tongue in cheek references, humour and great actors. Ian Fleming had a big hand in developing this series and there were references to James Bond. […]


I’m having a fabulous time with Twitter. For a long time I only used it for telling people what I’d listed and about my blog and other rather boring stuff. A few days ago I found a friend on it and followed her, she followed me and we had a conversation on Twitter. Much hilarity […]

Romance or not

I still have two book reviews to go until I read some more books but on reading my regular blogs I was excited by one of them and thought I’d say a few words and then let Karen do the talking. I will read almost any book I’m given, I make an exception for romance. […]

Anne Rice – The Feast of All Saints

Set in New Orleans before the American Civil War, this is the story of the “Free People of Color”, descended from slaves, and their French and Spanish owners. Among their number is Marcel, an artist in the making, also his gentle sister Marie and Anna Bella, a beautiful young courtesan. Anyway, that’s the synopsis and […]

Just a ramble tonight

Just having a bit of a ramble tonight. I have two books to review and a third coming in a day or so when I have enough time in the car to finish it – less than one cassette side to listen to. I would review one of them now but I’ve landed myself a […]

The BBC Book List

Just because I’m way too tired after the book stall yesterday I’m giving you another booklist. This is probably the list that started me searching for all the other book lists around and I think I got it from Facebook. Anyway, I’ve been good and tagged the ones I’ve read with an ‘x’, I’m also […]

Book Stall

I promised myself I wouldn’t do another book stall as they’re just too much work, but when the invitation came around it was too hard to refuse. It came just before I made the decision to specialise a little so I’m taking the opportunity to clear out some stock. I won’t be selling children’s books […]