The Chrysalids – John Wyndham

A couple of days ago I could be seen on Twitter complaining about reading a book instead of listing books on the website. I was complaining because reading takes more time than listing and I’d really like to get back to my previous numbers of 1,500 books on the website as opposed to the just […]

The future of books?

I know this is a topic I’ve blogged about before but I’m having second thoughts. I’m beginning to think that the future of books is in electronics. There’s reasons for this and it’s to with three websites I’ve found this week. Books are generally made out of wood pulp and that is getting harder and […]

Literary Larceny

I would have written earlier but I’ve been having trouble with my wifi connection. It’s a bit dodgey occasionally and stops working for no apparent reason and then comes back some time later for exactly the same reason. I did have something to write about a day and a half ago but now I’ve forgotten […]

Book Aids

I was browsing Twitter earlier today, something I’m in the habit of doing, you never know when you’ll find something interesting to waste time with, and was directed to the latest in new gadgets to help you read. It’s a Thumb Thing, something to sit on your thumb and hold the book open so you […]

Regeneration – Pat Barker

Regeneration – Pat Barker A few weeks ago I was happily Twittering and came across a competition run by Penguin Australia. They gave a link to a website depicting a large number of their new reprints and we had to choose a book and tell them why we wanted it…on Twitter. This was a challenge…a […]

Website updates etc

This is probably the last blog you’ll get from me this year. I’m going to be taking a break to recharge my batteries. At the moment I’m finally putting all my patient customers from my old website into the new one. When I finish this I’ll then send out emails to everyone and also a […]

Currently reading…

I’m currently reading two books and hope to finish both of them soon. The first one is long awaited. A friend at the op shop got me to buy two copies for her as her story appears in it so I bought one for me as well and it’s been on the shelf a a […]

Taking Photographs

One of the tasks that must be done for any online shop is to take photographs of each item. Now, there’s debate among the online bookselling community about which is best – scans or photographs. Some people like scans as they’re easy to do while others prefer photographs. I prefer photos as you can get […]

Little Things

I would have posted this last night but our wifi was playing up and connection was very sporadic. I generally had a couple of minutes of connection followed by 20 or so minutes of nothing. I should have been doing some ironing but we only have one iron and someone else was using it, hated […]

The Man From U.N.C.L.E.

The Man From U.N.C.L.E. was originally a television adventures series first released in 1964. The books followed fairly close behind starting in 1965. They were a wonderful series full of tongue in cheek references, humour and great actors. Ian Fleming had a big hand in developing this series and there were references to James Bond. […]