Escape by Sea – L. S. Lawrence

Carthage 206 BC – where women are not expected to think, plan or act on their own initiative. This is Sara’s life until the Romans invade her beloved city and she and her father must escape the only they can – by sea. I picked up this uncorrected proof copy of this book thinking it […]


How do you enjoy your books? Do you enjoy them alone or do you want to share them with people? Do you want to share them with a few people or lots and lots of like minded people? Me, I haven’t quite decided, but I suspect it’s the latter considering I review every book I […]

Owls Do Cry – Janet Frame

Janet Frame was a New Zealand author and is also wrote An Angel at My Table which was adapted into film by Jane Campion. Owls Do Cry is about the Withers family. They are a troubled lot. Toby has epilepsy, Francie dies from burns just as she is old enough to work and help the […]

Terry Pratchett 2010 Challenge

As some of you know I’m rather excited by Terry Pratchett and his writing. So imagine my excitement when I found this reading challenge. The Terry Pratchett 2010 Challenge hosted by ReadingAdventures. Of course, I’m going to join and the way to do that is to blog about it and then go back to ReadingAdventures […]

What is Australian?

This is a topic that’s been examined in so many ways and by so many people and I really need some help here. I’d really like other people to tell me what they think. People tell me I’m unAustralian because I’m not interested in football, or in fact any kind of sport, but how is […]

Family Stuff

No real blog on books today as I’m going to take a few weeks break from the book I’m currently reading. I’ve been trying to read a biography on Yitzhak Rabin by his widow and have cried through every page of the 34 pages I’ve read so far. It’s not just the reading matter, as […]

The Chrysalids – John Wyndham

A couple of days ago I could be seen on Twitter complaining about reading a book instead of listing books on the website. I was complaining because reading takes more time than listing and I’d really like to get back to my previous numbers of 1,500 books on the website as opposed to the just […]

The future of books?

I know this is a topic I’ve blogged about before but I’m having second thoughts. I’m beginning to think that the future of books is in electronics. There’s reasons for this and it’s to with three websites I’ve found this week. Books are generally made out of wood pulp and that is getting harder and […]

Literary Larceny

I would have written earlier but I’ve been having trouble with my wifi connection. It’s a bit dodgey occasionally and stops working for no apparent reason and then comes back some time later for exactly the same reason. I did have something to write about a day and a half ago but now I’ve forgotten […]

Book Aids

I was browsing Twitter earlier today, something I’m in the habit of doing, you never know when you’ll find something interesting to waste time with, and was directed to the latest in new gadgets to help you read. It’s a Thumb Thing, something to sit on your thumb and hold the book open so you […]