Mary Elwyn Patchett

I’m really annoyed. I’m trying to list a few things on eBay in order to make some quick money. I grabbed a box of books that looked good and started researching to see which would sell best. First of all I got Mary Elwyn Patchett mixed up with Elyne Mitchell which sent me on a […]

Sara Douglass, Celebrating Ten Years of Crusader This Month

Sara Douglass, Celebrating Ten Years of Crusader This Month This month celebrates the tenth anniversary release of Book 3 of the Wayfarer Redemption by Sara Douglass. Sara Douglass is an Australian author whose books were first published in 1995 with her first published book Axis, book one of the trilogy by the same name. Ever […]

Mark – Guest Blogger

Well, tonight I get the pleasure of introducing tomorrow’s post. I first met Mark in 2004 when I joined the Australian Discworld Convention Disorganising Committee. I was bored and looking for something new and different to do so I joined the committee. Mark was a Committee member for the first Convention and took over the […]

10 Books like Dan Brown

I understand that a lot of people liked The Da Vinci Code and therefore will read some or all of Dan Brown’s books. I do understand that and I will defend your right to like whichever books you so desire but I found him very boring. I picked up The Da Vinci Code one year […]

Questors – Joan Lennon

I’m feeling rather lazy today and have spent part of the day watching Angel instead of doing useful stuff so in keeping with that theme of me being lazy I’ve talked a young person I know into writing a guest blog. Jay just finished Questors by Joan Lennon and here’s what she thinks of it. […]

Tom Holt

Tom Holt is an author with a rather wacky sense of humour. I suspect I would like him a lot. His novels are generally “mythopoeic novels which parody or take as their theme various aspects of mythology, history or literature and develop them in new and often humorous ways”. Thank you to Wikipedia for this […]

Borders Top 100 Books results

100 Favourite Books of All Time as voted by You!! Ok, it’s taken some time but we’ve finally received notification of the results of the poll Borders took a couple of months ago. Funnily enough my vote didn’t make it into the top 100, I really don’t know why, Grug is highly collectable and they’ve […]

Website problems

More delays. This was going to be about something to do with books. I’ve started a blog about Tom Holt and I’ve also just received an email about the voting for the favourite books of all time by Borders so I was planning on writing about that. Unfortunately, events have taken over so I’m going […]

Website update

Okay, so much for posting more often. Things are changing, thanks to the magic of my new webhost I’ve finally managed to get access to the back end of my new website. It’s going to be slow as I have allocated a week to get things shipshape before creating listings and getting the books back […]