The Truth – Terry Pratchett

How did the first newspaper come about? Was it something that people actually decided to do or was it accidental? The Truth gives a possible starting point and is very entertaining at the same time. William de Worde was writing a letter to some people outside of Ankh Morpork for the princely sum of $5 […]

Top 10 Australian books

Here are the top 10 Australian books as survey by the Australian Book Review and here’s the full list of nominated novels. It’s a very interesting list spanning 290 titles with authors such as Tim Winton having several books in it. Of those 290 titles I’ve only read about 15 of them and some are […]

When a holiday is not a holiday…

I’d taken some holidays, much needed as I have to break the addiction to books and the internet. It was very hard to leave the computer at home and while packing I left it to the last moment to pack my laptop as I was still undecided whether I’d be able to break the emotional […]

Good Omens – Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman

Here is the first of Terry Pratchett Reading Challenge 2010 books. I chose Good Omens, which Pratchett co-wrote with Neil Gaiman, for the very complex reason that it was more easily reached than any other. The basic premise is that armageddon is about to happen, we have an angel and a devil on Earth and […]

Short stories

Many, many moons ago, when I was much younger than the age I profess to be, my family were having a conversation about the shortest story in the world. Now I’m not able to comment on the validity of this but the shortest story we came up with was “And the sun sank slowly in […]

It’s not been a good week…

It’s not been a good week for me. Either I was suffering from a migraine (not terribly bad pain just the side effects and after effects were gross) or I’ve been doing things with my youngest trying to get her paperwork sorted and support her in enrolling for university or I’ve had no wifi connection. […]

World’s Best Science Fiction Third Series

This book was published in 1967 so it rather dated but the stories are not. The list of stories involved in this book are: We Can Remember It For You Wholesale – Philip K. Dick Light of Other Days – Bob Shaw The Keys to December – Roger Zelazny Nine Hundred Grandmothers – R. A. […]

2009 Aurealis Awards

Australia has some absolutely awesome authors and there are awards during the year to recognise their brilliance. The first one of the year is the Aurealis Awards and when I read the list of finalists I was stoked to see Trudi Canavan on the list and then waited with bated breath to see how she […]

Dream Dancer – Janet Morris

Shebat was 16, she was the lowest of the low, her services sold to others by her employer. She was taken off her world by Marada Seleucus Kerrion, next in line to take control of the Kerrion Consortium. This is her story, how she rose to find herself almost at the top of the family […]

Colour – why does it matter?

Browsing Twitter yesterday I was directed to a blog which I found absolutely fascinating, I followed some of the links and was forced to confront some of my assumptions about books. When you read a book do you automatically assume the protagonist will be the same colour and have the same background as you? Well, […]