Nostalgic Books

I sell books that I know about which means I won’t sell romance or chick lit. A lot of the books I know, and love, are ones I read in my early years as a child, then a tween, and finally as a teen and then further on into my young adulthood. I have grown […]

Book Shops

I’ve been having such fun just now. There’s a couple of photos circulating and my friends are really enjoying them. This one is in Buenos Aires. It’s in an old 1920s theatre and the possibilities are endless. I would have liked to embed the photo here but they’ve done something clever and it’s not possible. […]

Sourcery – Terry Pratchett

This is number three in the Terry Pratchett Reading Challenge. The basic premise here is that Ipslore the Red was the eighth son of an eighth sonand he had eight sons, the youngest, by virtue of his position in the family is a Sourcerer…a source of magic. Ipslore the Red doesn’t want to die but […]

Makor Library

I’ve written about libraries before but this one is rather more specialised than most. Makor Library a Jewish library and the focus is on books and other media on Jewish topics. You’ll find books in English, Yiddish and Hebrew. Needless to say, I only read the books in English and here is where I get […]

Animals In Business

If you’re an animal person you probably looked at the title and thought it was natural, but to some people it isn’t. If you look around while you’re shopping you’ll find that most businesses do not have a cat or a dog or even a bird or a fish helping out. I did a bit […]

The ultimate compliment

I had an interesting conversation yesterday. I’d run into an old friend who’s known me since I was in my teens and he introduced me to his youngest son who has lovely manners. The boy put out his hand and shook mine and then responded beautifully when I asked him about his tshirt, it had […]

Second Australian Jewish Genealogy Conference

Those of you who’ve been following me on Twitter or Facebook will know that I’ve been volunteering at a conference this weekend. If you’ve been following my blog you might have guessed I like conventions and conferences. It’s not the sessions and the information I like to go along for but the vibes and meeting […]

Book Blogger Hop

Here’s a really cool idea to help you find more book blogs to waste your dayinform your reading time and help you find more books to read. You’ll need to click across to Jennifer from Crazy-for-Books to sign up or to see the list of book blogs. Here’s the details from her blog. Hey book […]

Public Libraries

There’s a bit of debate at the moment about public libraries and most especially, the State Library. When I was growing up libraries were for being very quiet in. I was even scared to whisper in them. Things have changed. There’s always been a problem getting young people into them to get them to read […]

Dracula – Bram Stoker

I can’t actually write a review of Dracula, that’d be sacrilegious so I’m just going to tell you why I had to read it now and then ramble on about it a bit. Last year I was very excited to win a competition on Twitter. The prize was Dracula The Un-Dead by Dacre Stoker. Yes, […]