Miscellaneous musings

Facebook I’ve been really struggling to get motivated to do anything tonight. Not terribly good as I have three articles to write. I’ll write something here and hopefully be more motivated tomorrow to get the other two out of the way. I’m just a bit cheesed off as I’ve been following a course of how […]

Skylark Three – E. E. ‘Doc’ Smith

I opened up this book with the greatest trepidation. I have read some of his Lensman series with great distaste and didn’t really expect anything different from this one. I find his writing to be soap operatic and so full of technical stuff that I just can’t follow any of it. I also find the […]

Faking Nice in the Blogosphere

I was directed to a couple of articles by PublishersWkly on Twitter. Very interesting articles and I feel it important enough to share them with you and give you my thoughts. The first article is Faking Nice in the Blogosphere: Women and Book Reviews by Sarah McCarry, I felt this was a fairly straightforward rant […]

An honour or a slur

I was talking to Arnold Zable the other week and happened to tell him I hadn’t seen his books in op shops or secondhand bookshops too often. I’ve seen so many other authors but not his. A couple of authors I’ve seen come up so many times are Dan Brown and Robert Ludlum. Ludlum writes […]

This is not a post

I’m taking an idea from my friend, Lee at Quit Your Day Job. He did a post that wasn’t a post and so am I. I’ve had a grotty week. Anzac Day was fine, but it took Monday out of my week and Monday is generally a good day for getting things done, Tuesday morning […]

Jen and Supanova

It’s the weekend many geeks and pop culture aficionados look forward to, and I nearly forgot about it! Luckily, I had a friend volunteering at Supanova who reminded me, and shortly after I read an email from my studio lecturer who knows this kind of event is “right up my alley”. I and my pop […]

Supanova and a Guest Blogger

There are very few ‘stars’ I’d really like to meet. One of the very few is James Marsters and he was recently in Melbourne as a special guest of Supanova. I wasn’t able to get there and this is probably a good thing as I don’t think my OH would have willingly let me go […]

Words and phrases

There are some very interesting words and phrases in English which people use and they’re often used out of context. Here are a few examples and I’m sure you can come up with some more. If you’ve studied English Language you’ll know more than me as these are only the ones I’ve observed. Yeah no. […]

Miscellaneous Musings

This is absolutely nothing about books it was just an interesting interlude earlier this evening. I was driving along Tooronga Road, Hawthorn East and there was a traffic holdup. Nothing major, just a car not moving. When I finally got to it I noticed the driver was asleep, before I could do anything the car […]

Top 100 Children’s Books

This is a quick article tonight as I’ve been working really hard at other parts of the business and haven’t really had a chance to write anything. I have a treat coming up later this week, a guest poster is coming onboard and will give us all a real treat, details will be revealed in […]