Finally some details of our trip. We left Melbourne on the 26th May with a brief, two hour, stop in Bangkok with enough time to find the gate for our next plane we then flew onto Frankfurt. Two days, three countries. We took the train from Frankfurt to Kempen (in the Rhineland) where we wandered […]

Going through photos

I’m going through photos to try and decide what to write about today. I’ve decided you’re going to get a random selection of photos. First up is a picture I took in Adelaide. It was while on a break I took during the Sixth Australian Discworld Convention. We were in Westlakes and there was a […]

Friday was one of ‘those’ days…

I didn’t write ahead and it was a mea culpa decision. I know Friday Photos is an easy write for this blog as the photos are there and I only need a few words so I often leave it until Friday morning and last Friday it was the wrong decision.  I woke up with a migraine, […]

Cats and Literature

Yesterday I was preparing to write something when I realised there probably wasn’t much sense in it, not what I was writing but the timing. I moved this blog to a different host and yesterday is when they were doing the work, somehow it didn’t make a great deal of sense to go and write something using […]

Around the traps

Wouldn’t you like to receive an email advising you’d won $150,000 and find it to be true and not spam? That’s what happened to eight authors with the Windham Campbell Books Prizes. One lady thought it was a hoax and with the prevalence of spam emails and phishing techniques if I was the one charged […]

Smithsonian Magazine

You know, I had two whole paragraphs written and it read like self indulgent rubbish so I’ve just deleted every word and I’m going to write about a magazine I picked up an an op shop a while ago. It’s called the Smithsonian and is published by the Smithsonian Institute in Washington. The Smithsonian had […]

Gift Ideas – Bananagrams

  Bananagrams is yet another great gift idea. For a change this one is based on words. It reminds me very much of scrabble but you don’t need a board and lots of rules. It comes with 144 letter tiles and rules for a number of different games. I tried out one game on my […]


ANZAC Day is a day when we remember the thousands of Australian and New Zealand soldiers who were sent to Gallipoli Cove in their thousands to be slaughtered by the Turkish army. It was a terrible time in military history and we take a day out every year to remember the bravery of those who […]

NIght and day

No, I’m not singing to you, it just seems like it. It’s one of those weeks where I’ve been struggling to find something coherent to talk about, I’ve managed to scribble a few words up till now but I write this on Wednesday night knowing I won’t have time on Thursday morning to rustle up […]

No inspiration today

It’s another one of those days. I have no inspiration to write anything useful and no time. I could write about a couple of books on my desk but I don’t like scribbling too many book reviews, I could find an author or three to write about but I have no time for the research […]