What do you see?

Damian shared this jpg this week and it got me thinking. Then I read this article on Amazon and their delivery drones and this article on the future of used ebooks. It got me thinking more, much more. If you believe the jpg then someone with a writer brain is someone who constantly thinks plot lines or situations […]

I must stop disagreeing with people

I’ve been sitting on these thoughts for some months hoping I could stop disagreeing but it turns out I can’t. This article tells us we should segregate Indie published books from traditionally published books. The article is click bait, I totally understand that and I clicked just like so many others. The comments are interesting and […]

Law Suits

In this increasingly litigious society far too many people are worried about law suits, it seems one can’t say what one feels necessary, even using completely factual information, without worrying about facing a law suit. I am now considering how I can cushion this blog against them and I am one of the least likely to be […]


My understanding of copyright on the web is that as soon as you publish something whether it be words or image it is then copyrighted and it’s then an offense to reuse it on your own blog. Some people are happy for you to reuse their works so long as you acknowledge them and put in […]

Grammar problems

The problem with grammar is not the grammar but the grammar, or grandma. If you can say that in a more succinct manner you’re doing better than me. I came across this article about poor grammar in advertising and in politics and have issues with it. Yes, I am one of the first to jump on the grammar bandwagon […]

Typo Nazi or Grammar Nazi

I cringe and get thoroughly annoyed whenever someone calls me a Typo Nazi or a Grammar Nazi, I do not feel I am in any way as nasty, horrible and all encompassing as anything the Nazis did. Yes, it’s true, I might upset someone briefly and sometimes they’ll be annoyed or worried for a while […]

A rambling apology

Last week I had a case of the couldn’t-be-bothereds and didn’t write the whole week so today is an apology for missing a week without notice. I did have things to write about but I didn’t. Mondayitis will be on Let the Balloon Go by Ivan Southall, the trick will be getting two different voices […]

Who needs passwords…

Yesterday was one of those days. I received an email from Kickstarter (along with many other people) telling me their security had been breached, passwords had been stolen but they were still encrypted and it was only a matter of time before the hackers would crack them. They recommended changing the Kickstarter password and any other […]

Fire on the land!

It’s that time of year when Australians get worried about every little spark out in the open and when some idiots light fires for the thrill of it. That time of year when the people outside of suburban capital cities worry for their lives, livestock, farms and houses. That time of year when the CFA […]