First World Problems

You know, I understand that many of my problems are first world problems, they’re not that important in the general scheme of things. I mean, it’s not as if I don’t have enough to eat and it’s not as if I need a safe place to live and I’ve talking about the wider context because the […]

Almost there…

I promised myself I wasn’t going to write anything more about uni until after the trimester but I’m wanting to have something scheduled so it publishes Monday morning without me having to worry about it, i.e. I’m writing these words on Sunday night. I’m tired and my brain is full, my teachers have filled it up […]

Mother’s Day

Today’s Mother’s Day thoughts are brought to you by Chocolate, chocolate and yet more chocolate! My poor waistline, but my taste buds enjoyed it tremendously! I was dragged kicking and screaming to Prahran Market on Saturday, kicking and screaming I tell you. Don’t believe me? Funnily enough neither does the family, I can’t think why. […]


I’m sure I’ve ranted about proofreading and how important it is and about my skills as a proofreader. Well, I had to laugh the other day as the irony of a particular email came through my computer. This young lady is currently 23 years old and trying to start a business proofreading, I admired her professionally […]

Writers not paid?

There’s something that’s been totally fascinating me at events such as SupaNova, Armageddon (now called AMC Expo) and other events such as these which include “stars” from movies and TV series. If you’re not familiar with them let me explain a little. AMC Expo is an amazing event whereby you have a number of stars mostly from overseas […]

Buying books: new or used?

I read an article, I know, I stopped reading books to read an article…shame on me. But the article is relevant to some thoughts I’ve been having recently about my book purchases. I generally impulse buy books, rarely going to the shops to buy a specific book, rather I buy when I see the right […]

Archival rant ahead

including faxes that have totally faded over the years Rebus author Ian Rankin wants to do a wonderful thing and donate his archive of papers to National Library of Scotland. Donating an archive to a library where it will be able to be viewed and used is a wonderful thing and I’m sure I can think […]

Friday Photos

Today I’m looking at new borrowing procedures at public libraries. I was at the City Library on Tuesday and found I didn’t need to speak to anyone at all. There were lots of people there but very few staff. The photo is not good so I’ll move onto the next photo. This photo isn’t too […]

Copyright Week?

Apparently it’s Copyright Week, I read this on an email that came through four days ago and I haven’t read until today, in which many people are supporting more reasonable copyright laws. I’m assuming it’s the current week but it’s challenging to tell as many of the articles I’ve found have no date on them. I […]