Dymocks – Tooronga

Finally and finally. I visited Dymocks in Tooronga some months ago. It was back in July when the weather was very cold and sitting in a chair reading put my feet in danger of freezing. I thought I’d lost the photos. I’ve had issues transferring photos from my phone to my computer. Managed to do […]

Gaming the system

You understand I’m not totally up-to-date with the news. What I’m going to cover actually took place earlier this year. Gaming the system is not new, it’s happened in many different industries. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. Years ago I heard The Bee Gees did this same thing to get a very early […]

Shop local!

I read this article After Irma, Some Florida Stores Reopen and it got me thinking. The article is about bookshops in Florida, the damage they’ve received (or not) from Hurricane Irma and if they’re going to be able to open. I started thinking about shopping local and Amazon popped into my mind. Essentially, it’s shop local so […]

Stuff around the traps

A topic on my mind, it’s been there for some time, is how is it possible to find a new story when so many books have been written about a particular topic. So much has been written about The Holocaust and I thought all the stories must have been told by now. Reading through this […]

1st Annual Galactic Bowlarama

Something very exciting is happening next weekend. Some fan clubs in Melbourne are getting together for a friendly bowling ‘tournament’. I put that in quotation marks as it’s more about having fun than winning. These are the clubs joining in: Doctor Who Club of Victoria Browncoats Victorian Discworld Klatch Austrek Star Walking STARFLEET USS Southern […]

Happenins Dude

So much happening in my life, things I don’t really want to share online. Instead I’m sharing three links I’ve just found. Very few words from me today. Amazon Alleges Violations by KDP Authors, Publishers This is a really complex thought. There’s ever so much involved with KDP or Kindle Direct Publishing. I’m wondering if […]

A thought about the life of a Book Blogger

I’m taking inspiration today from a fellow Book Blogger. I’m sure I’ve scribbled a few words about this kind of thing before but Debbish wrote about A day in the life of a book blogger this week. She has a linky on her article and it occurred to me you could go across there and see what […]

Proposed Alphabet

I was going to do more Oz Comic-Con stuff but I can’t remember what I wanted to say. I then decided to do the Dymocks shop post but I can’t find my photos. Instead you get a new alphabet my nephew is proposing. I’m trying to decide whether I agree or not. Please comment below, […]


We snuck away for a couple of days of nothing much. I was planning on spending my entire two days reading, walking and watching rubbish on the TV. I took several books and magazines as I wanted to ensure I had choice, I shouldn’t have bothered. Reading was minimal, we spent a lot of time walking and […]