Ninth Anniversary! Competition!

When I first start blogging it was with the idea of supporting my online bookselling with some search engine optimisation. It never occurred to me that it would lead to a brand new life. This coming Sunday, the 22nd April, is the ninth anniversary of the beginning of a whole new life. A life where […]

Bendigo and videos

I happen to have a little break from uni. While I have lots and lots of stuff to do with regard to the Discworld Convention and one or two million things to do with the book I’m writing and, and, and… I took some time to have a glance through some photos I have on my […]

Paratalk or torque?

My new column, with a title that somehow makes sense. From now on until I stop I will be examining a paragraph in whatever detail I choose. This is also a good time for guests to pop in and do their own paragraph. Today’s paragraph is coming from a location that I’ll reveal in my […]

Lost photos

I have been having issues with my phone over the past little while. There are two problems. The first is surmountable as the phone has decided it won’t charge the battery. I’ve managed to buy a little machine that will charge the battery outside the phone, it’s annoying but it works. The other problem is […]

Following the SPN Conference 2018

As you should know by now I love attending or volunteering at conventions and conferences, while it makes little difference what the subject matter is I do prefer the topic to be about books in some way. In November I was invited to volunteer at the Small Press Network Conference. I spent a few words […]

Dymocks – Tooronga

Finally and finally. I visited Dymocks in Tooronga some months ago. It was back in July when the weather was very cold and sitting in a chair reading put my feet in danger of freezing. I thought I’d lost the photos. I’ve had issues transferring photos from my phone to my computer. Managed to do […]

Gaming the system

You understand I’m not totally up-to-date with the news. What I’m going to cover actually took place earlier this year. Gaming the system is not new, it’s happened in many different industries. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. Years ago I heard The Bee Gees did this same thing to get a very early […]

Shop local!

I read this article After Irma, Some Florida Stores Reopen and it got me thinking. The article is about bookshops in Florida, the damage they’ve received (or not) from Hurricane Irma and if they’re going to be able to open. I started thinking about shopping local and Amazon popped into my mind. Essentially, it’s shop local so […]

Stuff around the traps

A topic on my mind, it’s been there for some time, is how is it possible to find a new story when so many books have been written about a particular topic. So much has been written about The Holocaust and I thought all the stories must have been told by now. Reading through this […]

1st Annual Galactic Bowlarama

Something very exciting is happening next weekend. Some fan clubs in Melbourne are getting together for a friendly bowling ‘tournament’. I put that in quotation marks as it’s more about having fun than winning. These are the clubs joining in: Doctor Who Club of Victoria Browncoats Victorian Discworld Klatch Austrek Star Walking STARFLEET USS Southern […]