Mondayitis – Grimma

I realise I’m not that bright, not when you look at Gurder or Dorcas but I know what I know and I’m learning about people. Putting Granny Morkie in charge of getting people into the truck for the Long Drive was sheer brilliance, getting Vinto to read was a mistake he’s always bringing me ideas […]

Reading to Children

Why reading to children is so important Television, touch screens, technology.  They are time savers, life savers, entertainers and occasional child pacifiers – all rolled into one.  And I wouldn’t go back for a second.  But even with all the advances of the digital age there is simply no substitute –intellectually, emotionally or developmentally – […]

The Top Five Books You Must Read To Children

Here is the special announcement I was referring to on Monday. Anthony will be writing a few guest posts, he’s taking on the topic of children’s books; something I don’t like writing about as I don’t know enough. Over to you, Anthony.     Reading together, parent to child, is always going to be among […]

Mondayitis – Gnomeangel

What do you read? I’m not that picky, but I’d say my main go to for reading is romance; paranormal, chick lit, urban fantasy, etc. I like to escape. But I do have a passion for the classics so I have been known to spend days immersed in Jane Austen (which lets face it is […]

For the love of Thomas Hardy

Here is another gem from Anne who provided us with a glimpse into her bookshelves last week.  This week she shares her thoughts on Thomas Hardy.   Thomas Hardy was the writer that sent me off into the world of literature.   I discovered him while reading The Mayor of Casterbridge at school and when I […]

The Beauty of a Bulging Bookcase

I don’t often have guest posts but I was thrilled when this one came in.  It’s exactly the type of thing I’d like to have written and I’m delighted to share this with you.   I don’t think I could ever have enough books.  I love them.  I love their look and their feel.  I […]

Who’s to Blame?

There are some people who change your life forever. And I mean totally change. I first met Olga on the forums on eBay where she taught me so much. A number of us met for lunch one day and have been firm friends ever since. I can honestly say I am a different person for […]

A Visit to the Anne Frank House – Kelly

A while ago I wrote a few words about Anne Frank’s Diary, Kelly was planning a visit there and asked me if I’d like her to write a few words on her return. I was exceedingly glad to take her up on her generous offer, visiting the house is something I won’t be able to […]

Life at G. J. Coles – Poem

Life at G. J. Coles The buzzer rings, the panic starts, Grab cash in bags and go Throw the money in the till Get ready for the show The streaming population Start crowding through the door When you’re in the middle of Mopping up the floor You ring your little bell all day. You’re on […]