Harry Potter and the Cursed Child: Time-Turners, Bonding and Blocked Emotions

I’m happily stealing filching using this article from my friend Marni. She’s been getting me through my critical essays and helping me get awesome marks. In other words, she writes good stuff. Analysing the play by J.K Rowling, John Tiffany & Jack Thorne Where on earth do I start with this play? I love plays. I love Harry […]

Buddhist Boot Camp – Timber Hawkeye

I don’t normally put a book in twice but a discussion with a Buddhist friend on Facebook prompted me to ask him to read the book and give me his take on it. Thank you, Andrew. Having read many texts and been a student of the Buddhist philosophy, I was intrigued to take up an […]

Fight Like A Girl – Clementine Ford

Clementine Ford’s ‘Fight Like A Girl’ is a fantastic read, as well as an exceedingly brutal read. Ford uses her trademark no nonsense prose to clearly explain the horrors – there really is no other word for it – that women and girls face every single day, from the threat of murder and domestic violence, […]

Mondayitis – Blue VW

Okay, I admit it. Life is never dull when transporting a wizard on his crusade against the Nevernever. It isn’t exactly a Sunday picnic either. What with all the vampires and a mysterious man brandishing a sacred sword, it is a wonder my upholstery hasn’t been shredded more often. Honestly, I am getting too old […]

Cassandra Webb

It’s just fascinating the people you meet online, for some reason I tend to meet a lot of authors…can’t think why. Cassandra Webb has a new book coming out and kindly consented to write a few words for me. Say hello to Cas! New Years Reading Resolutions. So the kids are in bed, it’s 10.15 […]

Mondayitis – John Thornton

It is indeed idle to get between a fool and his folly, and I could have done nothing else to convince those fools to save their own lives. I watched them plunge, sled, man and dog through the rotten ice to their deaths, while Buck gazed on, almost impassively. He was bruised, starved and broken, […]

Jasper Fforde by Emily

Hi, I’m Emily Morgan, you’ll find me at Emily Morgan Writes and I’m very glad to be doing a guest post on Suz’s fantastic blog. Today I’m going to look at Jasper Fforde’s work.  I know that Suzie has reviewed one of his books, Something Rotten, on this blog and she found it not entirely to […]

Mondayitis – Miss Amelia

I am almost ashamed to admit that seeing my sister at the window, her back hunched, shoulders drooping in defeat, gives me a sort of savage satisfaction. I do not need to look past her to know that she is seeing Sara Crewe, wrapped warmly against the cold in her rich clothing, entering her beautiful […]

Mondayitis – Grimma

I realise I’m not that bright, not when you look at Gurder or Dorcas but I know what I know and I’m learning about people. Putting Granny Morkie in charge of getting people into the truck for the Long Drive was sheer brilliance, getting Vinto to read was a mistake he’s always bringing me ideas […]