Down the Rabbit Hole: A Cautionary Tale by Karen J Carlisle

Down the Rabbit Hole: A Cautionary Tale. (Researching Viola Stewart’s Adventures.) Guest blog post by Karen J Carlisle. I’ve always loved researching, learning new little factoids and exciting titbits, especially when it was for my own satisfaction. It started with world-building when I ran D&D games in the early 80s and expanded into historical clothing […]

Buddhist Boot Camp – Timber Hawkeye

I don’t normally put a book in twice but a discussion with a Buddhist friend on Facebook prompted me to ask him to read the book and give me his take on it. Thank you, Andrew. Having read many texts and been a student of the Buddhist philosophy, I was intrigued to take up an […]

Fight Like A Girl – Clementine Ford

Clementine Ford’s ‘Fight Like A Girl’ is a fantastic read, as well as an exceedingly brutal read. Ford uses her trademark no nonsense prose to clearly explain the horrors – there really is no other word for it – that women and girls face every single day, from the threat of murder and domestic violence, […]

Mondayitis – Blue VW

Okay, I admit it. Life is never dull when transporting a wizard on his crusade against the Nevernever. It isn’t exactly a Sunday picnic either. What with all the vampires and a mysterious man brandishing a sacred sword, it is a wonder my upholstery hasn’t been shredded more often. Honestly, I am getting too old […]

Cassandra Webb

It’s just fascinating the people you meet online, for some reason I tend to meet a lot of authors…can’t think why. Cassandra Webb has a new book coming out and kindly consented to write a few words for me. Say hello to Cas! New Years Reading Resolutions. So the kids are in bed, it’s 10.15 […]

Mondayitis – John Thornton

It is indeed idle to get between a fool and his folly, and I could have done nothing else to convince those fools to save their own lives. I watched them plunge, sled, man and dog through the rotten ice to their deaths, while Buck gazed on, almost impassively. He was bruised, starved and broken, […]

Jasper Fforde by Emily

Hi, I’m Emily Morgan, you’ll find me at Emily Morgan Writes and I’m very glad to be doing a guest post on Suz’s fantastic blog. Today I’m going to look at Jasper Fforde’s work.  I know that Suzie has reviewed one of his books, Something Rotten, on this blog and she found it not entirely to […]

Mondayitis – Miss Amelia

I am almost ashamed to admit that seeing my sister at the window, her back hunched, shoulders drooping in defeat, gives me a sort of savage satisfaction. I do not need to look past her to know that she is seeing Sara Crewe, wrapped warmly against the cold in her rich clothing, entering her beautiful […]