What do uni and the Book Expo have in common?

It’s the pointy end of the trimester, I’ve one week of classes left and then all assignments must be in the following week. One of my four assignments is almost done while the others are in moderate stages of research and just beginning. The due date for the last one is the 9th October. Just one minor […]

If you see my brain please send it home

As you know I had good intentions of being really organised and using technology to its fullest extent to help me study for uni. And I’m sure you’ve read my rant about technology letting me down because the files were actually images despite telling me they were pdf. It meant that instead of starting the […]

Limmud Oz 2016

I’ve mentioned Limmud Oz before, it’s a weekend of learning for those interested in Jewish topics. It’s massive, for every lecture I attended there were generally another two or three I would have liked to have seen. Held in alternating years in either Sydney or Melbourne we have some world class speakers and some not so […]

Oz Comic Con and finally…

The panel with CS Pacat, Isobelle Carmody and Marianne de Pierres was interesting. They talked about a number of topics including getting published in Australia, how much work you need to do on your manuscript before submitting it to a publisher and their different journeys to publication. Carmody got her start when things were easier […]

Enter title here

Don’t make the same mistake as I did today. Check your calendar the night before so you know where, when and who you’re seeing. Thank goodness my appointment messaged me half an hour before to confirm. Not so good was that I had a 20 minute drive and I hadn’t had a shower yet. I […]

Oz Comic Con and Instagram

I had excellent intentions of sending lots of images to Instagram and Twitter while at Oz Comic Con. Great intentions which didn’t pan out. I’ve spent the past week, in between getting other things done, trying to find some nice and quick method of posting to both without getting anywhere. It seems Instagram is only for the […]

Friday Photos at OzComicCon

My software began working again today but I’m still going to leave Friday Photos. For this last official day of Friday Photos I’m giving you some shots from Oz Comic Con but I’ll put all the rest on Instagram for you, loading them a few at a time to tease and tantalise and make me feel as […]

Videos from OzComicCon

People were very patient with me at OzComicCon. I have 10 interviews for you to enjoy. You’ll notice the slight amusement at the end when I unveiled my signature question. Despite my low technology everything came out fairly well. Ander Louis C.S. Pacat Troy Barnes Craig Bruyn Marianne de Pierres Nath Stones Melanie Tomlin Isobelle Carmody Doug […]

Oz Comic Con 2016 summary

Here’s a quick summary of my thoughts about Oz Comic Con and what I plan to do over the next few articles before I run out of material. I’ll also finish Authors by Alphabet. I spent the weekend wandering around talking to all the authors and as many of the artists as I could. I […]

Oz Comic Con!!!!

Not enough exclamation marks for my liking today. Looking at me I’m sure I look cool, calm and collected but this weekend is Oz Comic Con and I’m going, not only that but they’ve been kind enough to give me media accreditation. So, just because I can and because I have permission and all that kind […]